This webinar panel had Sethupathy Ramanathan- Regional Head of Customer Success at Freshworks and Nikhil Sharma- Sr. Manager (Presales) at Knowlarity as speakers. Sarath SasiKumar- Principal Account Manager at AISPL moderated the session.

This session talked about the emerging trends in the travel industry post severe global restrictions in the last 2 years and how the travel industry can pay heed to these while leveraging the digital technology to create seamless travel experiences.

The webinar focuses on delivering the following outcomes:

  1. Quality lead generation
  2. Omnichannel engagement platform
  3. 360 view of customer engagement
  4. Improved ROI
  5. Deep insights via analytics reports marking emerging consumers (for better decision making) and
  6. overall business growth and much more.

The travel industry can achieve the above stated points by implementing cloud-based solutions. Cloud solutions can assist travel companies to reduce their operational costs while offering a seamless travel experience to the customers

The multichannel journey across which the customers look for, plan, book, and pay in order to travel provides a lot of information. The travel industry can leverage those insights to lay a foundation for the implementation of a holistic strategy to reinject superior CX with omnichannel capabilities for the new-age travelers.

The 4 key engagement strategies to wow the customers call for: collaborative, contextual, predictive, and everywhere engagement (social media, email, call, etc) while leveraging Bots and AI for predictive and proactive customer engagement to respond to customers on every communication platform.

Our speakers have pointed out the transformations witnessed in the ways the millennials plan, research, and spend for their travel experiences due to their greater inclination towards digital technology. Right from booking tickets to pre & post-travel experience, the modern-age travelers look forward to the world of technology-enabled convenience with personalized experiences that allow them to plan & customize their journey on the go.

This calls for the need for enabling mobile device customer support: your smartphone is a call center that simplifies the management of the entire workforce on a single application.

The webinar further adds that in order to meet the desired expectations and keep millennials’ brand loyalty intact, the travel industry must switch to the omnichannel engagement platform that keeps the travelers at multiple levels and drives real-time personalized experiences while ensuring a proactive customer service approach.

A cloud contact center ensures a secure and reliable platform by offering a 360°customer engagement view to track the journey of the customer and training the agents to serve them better in the future for a smooth customer experience.

Watch the complete video to know more on how choosing appropriate cloud-based solutions help businesses transform customer interactions and cover the customer lifecycle of attraction, delight, and retention enabling frictionless CX for nextgen travelers.