In our latest webinar, our esteemed speakers Yatish Mehrotra CEO of Knowlarity and Prashant Singh of LeadSquared have covered aspects of the importance of automating business communications to enhance the overall customer experience through its journey. The webinar explains how in all the stages of a customer's journey, every industry from first engagement to post sales, can digitise the complete process through automation by curating a personalised touch while offering them irresistible services.

The outcome will be:

  • generation of new opportunities,
  • improved ROI,
  • deep insights via analytics reports ( for better decision making) and
  • overall growth

Thus, the above explained factors can be achieved by implementing cloud based solutions with your existing CRM tool that simplifies the task of managing your entire business process. And create a robust communication platform by integrating AI based tools that can be easily configured with your system to make you go mobile and flexible.

Our speakers have pointed out the fact that the constant innovation in business processes has shifted the question from “why to automate” to “how to automate” a superior customer experience. This second question has been answered in the webinar through the 5 stages of the customer's life cycle based on different industry used case examples. Hence, the webinar has simplified the steps involved in automating the business communication into pre sales and post sales phase.

  • The Pre-sales covers the Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition phase where each step can be automated on a smart platform.

  • It will help to reduce the excess manual work where the business data gets funneled automatically in the digital tool into creating business leads.

  • That later helps in achieving sales by empowering the agents to communicate with the customers as per their inputs captured (automatically) during their sales pitch.

  • The post sales phase like relationship management, customer retention, and brand advocacy mainly focuses on personalizing the customer experience through various channels of AI based automation tools.

  • Knowlarity offers cloud based solutions that help in automating the complete lifecycle of a customer’s journey across various industrial verticals.

  • Thus, the mentioned factors can be achieved through AI based automation tools like Automatic Speech recognition, Text-to-speech, Cloud contact center solution, Tentacle Software and many more.

  • These automation tools help any business to add the touch of personalised touch in every step of the customer’s journey.

Hence, automating your customer’s journey will empower your business to scale at ease, as well as offer an enhanced customer experience