5 Benefits of Cloud-Based VoIP

June 15, 2021

Voice over IP is an excellent method of having affordable telephonic communications; it operates differently than switched telephone communications and has unique value-added features. A cloud-based VoIP offers even more valuable features that most telephones don’t have and also some VoIP services.

So, what are the benefits of Cloud-Based VoIP? Here are five top benefits.


Telephones are usually not mobile and are fixed to your desk because of LAN cables and the equipment used is not portable. So, this makes it harder for you to place business calls when you are on the go, and you might even miss important calls.

The results of this can be detrimental to your business because your associates may consider you unreliable when they can’t reach you.

To solve this, when you use cloud-based solutions, you will have the privilege of receiving your calls from anywhere you are. You can also access your cloud-based devices from any device of your choice, wherever you are.

So, it doesn’t matter if you are on a business trip or you would like to work at home, you can always receive your calls and also make outgoing calls. The mobility that it provides is a great benefit to have. This benefit can also give you the ability to offer all around the clock service to your clients if your business needs it.

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You will be able to take those calls without having to be in the office, but you can answer them in the comfort of your home. You can activate this functionality by downloading relevant mobile applications on your smartphone or tablet.

More flexibility with scalability

Cloud-based VoIP can be scalable effortlessly, which is unlike its other contemporaries like cell phones or traditional telephones. The reason is that Cloud-Based VoIP is flexible in terms of scalability, and it can be taken up at any time of the year.

You can add lines, extensions, or configure your phone further by using the provider’s online panel or dashboard. If you can’t do it on your end, you can ask your provider to do it on your behalf.

Effectively, this functionality helps, especially when your business and HR software has certain seasons that have more business and traffic than others. You can add more numbers and extensions at that time to manage the call volume.

Apart from that, one doesn’t have to pay for services not needed all around the year. You can scale your VoIP numbers whenever you need to. The procedure to do this is usually simple enough, and only Cloud-Based VoIP can currently do it so effortlessly.

Safer communications

A lot is going on when it comes to security breaches using telephonic communications. These include spoofing, phishing, call interception, fraud and many other security threats. This action makes it essential to have security measures in place to protect your business. For example, as it HotelFriend does, from these threats and you should be preventative about these measures.

You shouldn’t wait for a security breach to start initiating your security protocols. So, you should curb this by switching to Cloud-Based VoIP, which offers several security features. Firstly, cloud-based VoIP is continuously connected to the internet which enables it to do security updates automatically.

Regular efforts are made by the service providers to make communications safer using VoIP with new updates and features. Undoubtedly, cloud-based VoIP is more reliable than traditional telephones because of the data encryption the cloud has. Other security features include network security, HIPAA-compliance regulations, secure video and audio transmission, etc.

More reliable communication

Cloud-based VoIP also comes with an assurance of constant uptime and more reliable connections. The reason behind this is that VoIP services run on internet infrastructures, which are more interconnected than traditional telephones. The telephones use linear communication infrastructure that can break down quickly.

If a telephone line is cut, the whole block might not have telephonic communications. While on the other hand, the internet is continuously online, and most companies use peer-to-peer switching. The latter means that when the infrastructure of one network provider is down, its peer will carry your load.

Above that, cloud-based VoIP comes with a service level agreement most of the time, which outlines the service terms it provides. Most probably, there is wording in that agreement that binds the service provider that they will offer quality service.

This agreement often outlines what will happen if your connection goes down. You may perhaps receive credit on the bill to use the service with a specific discount or get certain services free for that month.

Affordable communications

Above all, cloud-based VoIP is quite affordable when you compare their pricing structure with traditional telephones. It is because you place your call using internet protocol which transfers your audio transmissions.

However, you must shop around and compare the prices of the top service providers and then compare the best price with your current service provider. You will recognize a significant difference between cloud-based VoIP and traditional telephones.

Most companies and individuals also benefit from using the services that have a pay-as-you-go plan. These services help the users as they can avoid paying for minutes they don’t use.

Some cloud-based VoIP providers offer unlimited calls and even long-distance calling. So, you can save a lot if you make international calls frequently if you use cloud-based VoIP. Additionally, you may also get free calls if you call others who use the same provider.

This action can bring down your costs quite considerably. However, cloud-based VoIP will cost much less than what you pay for the same service on traditional telephone lines.

The value-added benefits you receive also make cloud-based VoIP very cheap when compared with traditional telephone lines. To decrease costs further, assess the plan you chose and see if you need all the service you are paying for.

Cloud-based VoIP can be a cheap method to communicate, and it is more reliable than traditional telephone lines. The security, scalability and mobility feature it has, make it a better option over conventional lines and can be a better option for most businesses.

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