5 Myths about How Cloud Telephony works

Sep 10, 2021

Cloud telephony services have rapidly evolved with time. Cloud telephony allows your phone system to work through your Internet. It streamlines your business communication with your goals. It includes messaging, voice as well as video services. With changing times, Artificial Intelligence is also being incorporated in cloud telephony.

Cloud telephony works through a VoIP service provider. The analog signals are converted to packets of data and transmitted via the Internet. The whole process takes place virtually. It has empowered businesses to reach customers anytime and anywhere.

But, there is a widespread reluctance in the people when it comes to adopting these services. Mainly, this comes from the concerns revolving around cost and data security. However, most cloud telephony providers dismiss such misconceptions. In this article, we have listed 5 common myths around cloud telephony. We have also busted them at the end. Read more to find out.

Following are the 5 myths about how cloud telephony works:

  1. Cyber Attacks and High Maintenance: It is widely believed that as cloud telephony services are a new concept, there are more chances of a data breach. Small-scale businesses think that cloud services will prove heavy in their pockets. Also, the sole existence of the whole system virtually creates a sense of panic in the customers.

  2. Strict Regulations and Inflexibility: Most businesses often believe that using a traditional phone will be easy. Cloud services require following strict regulations. You need to buy new numbers to activate cloud services, and this makes the whole process rigid.

  3. Business Disruption and Large IT team: It is believed that adopting a new technology needs a business to be disrupted. This may harm the revenues of the company. Also, a large IT team needs to be on its toes for cloud telephony to work seamlessly.

  4. Expensive updates: It is widely believed that cloud services require a lot of investment in infrastructure and updates. The scalability of the business also gets impacted.

  5. Difficult to solve the issues: Most people believe that it may take a lot of time for it to be resolved in case of any glitch. The company might find it difficult to contact the cloud telephony providers at odd hours.

Myths Busted:

In this day and age of technology, the above myths of cloud telephony services are simply not true. They need to be busted. Let’s find out:

  1. Data Security and Encryption: Service providers use tight encryption and firewall systems to ensure data security. It also helps in diverting any outside attack. Even though this has increased the layers of authentication, the security has increased manifold. The data from GPS and browser is stored and needs a login every time one tries to enter the cloud. Service providers are often ISO and Nasscom certified.

  2. Regulations and Hassle: Most cloud telephony providers take care of the regulatory guidelines themselves. The business does not need to be worried about it. The providers make it easier for the business to expand globally by taking care of the regulations. Service providers also provide a multi-channel platform to save you from the hassle.

  3. Disruption and IT team: Most of the service providers provide the required information over e-mail. They then install the pre-configured phones and plug them into the LAN. This can be done in just a few hours in some cases. To make it easier, some cloud telephony providers facilitate activating the cloud service just by a few clicks on your browser. No additional hardware or software is required. A large IT team is not even required. The service providers themselves can handle all the technical aspects.

  4. Cost: Cloud telephony services are designed to reduce costs. The existing telephone lines can be linked to the cloud. This decreases the hassle and decreases the need for an additional workforce. It allows the business to remove the services that it does not require. It not only saves the business from heavy updates, but you only need to pay for what you are actually using. In that case, updates are not expensive. Also, updates are handled by the service providers.

  5. 24*7 support: cloud telephony providers offer 24*7 support. They are always available to support the businesses better. The business can ask them to resolve any glitch at any hour.

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