Call Center Software: 7 Features That Give You Edge Over Competitors

Nov 7, 2022

Customer-centric businesses must have healthy interactions with customers. Their ability to deliver impactful customer experiences by effectively solving customer problems continues to grow the business. To achieve this, companies adopt different systems. One of the most common solutions is call center software. The ideal call center software must enable customer engagement. This, by a norm, is achieved through omnichannel communication, these days.

The system communicates preferably by sending messages to potential and existing customers through one or more available digital channels. It's no wonder companies seek secure business communications through sophisticated, customizable, and unified cloud-based solutions that don't require additional infrastructure.

This blog highlights the common features of call center software.

The 7 Features of Call Centre Software

We summarize the key features of call center software, as listed:

Multi-channel platform: One platform for all communication channels.

CRM Integration: Integrates with all leading CRMs.

IVR: Interacts with customers and provides customized responses to the caller round-the-clock through Interactive Voice Response.

Personalization: Delivers a personalized experience through a unified view of the customer journey across various touchpoints.

Analytics: Provides a smart way for data-rich digital platforms to support business decisions.

Monitoring: Allows growing your business effortlessly on a smart technology platform without any limits.

Cloud: Provides an innovative way to remotely manage call center issues.

Let’s see each of these features in detail.

[1] Omnichannel: Your call center software should be able to integrate multiple communication channels such as email, live, chat, or social media to maintain customer connectivity.

[2] CRM Integration: Call center software should be able to integrate seamlessly with your CRM and related systems such as helpdesks, usually through computer-telephony integration. CRM integration lets agents work on a single integrated dashboard. The integrated solution provides useful references linked to customers' phone numbers.

For example, pop-ups that identify customer information by evaluating logs and surface summaries of past interaction history by browsers. This feature enables representatives to provide effective support to callers instead of repeating details.

[3] IVR: - Interactive Voice Response: An IVR acts as a virtual receptionist that provides an electronic voice menu to help callers decide which agent to connect with based on their needs. Besides skill-based routing of the calls to SME agents, IVR primarily helps the call center manage call volume and automatically collects relevant information from the customer. Benefiting customers access the support available 24*7, without waiting in the queue.

Call Center

Decent cloud contact center solutions in the market provide multi-lingual support through automated self-help IVR menus to help customers navigate to desired queries.

Smart IVR is another important aspect of the cloud call center. IVR enables better and more accurate filtering and routing of calls. VoIP helps improve the functionality of these IVR systems, through additional features such as voice recognition.

[4] Personalized CX: Advanced call center software with voice and AI-enabled solutions provides a distinctly personalized experience to customers by understanding their actual needs to resolve queries quickly. CRM integration exposes agents to a 360-degree view of callers, which helps agents provide a personalized experience to callers. Likewise, an IVR system communicates with your callers in their local language and helps greet callers with personalized greetings and customized responses.

[5] Analytics: Advanced call center software features analytical reports generated through predictive analytics. Analytics provides insights based on current and historical data that help improve service quality, agent productivity, and operational efficiency, and formulate strategies on future trends. Internally, measuring and tracking your analytics helps improve employee performance and make data-driven changes to your workflow.

[6] Call Tracking & Monitoring: Call tracking enables you to record, store and analyze all your business calls 24*7 and consequently helps in increasing productivity. This gives supervisors the power to access this information from anywhere in the world and make data-driven decisions. They can track whether all calls are being answered, monitor each agent's performance, and determine training needs as needed. With cloud call centers, live call monitoring is much easier than in an actual brick-and-mortar setting.

[7] Cloud-Based tools: Companies can afford and benefit from deploying cloud-based offerings from reputable providers because there are no requirements for On-premise hardware for VoIP. Call centers operating on a cloud network will need a cloud-based calling system to align with their online database. In a cloud-based approach, the call center team can easily customize the order or criteria for routing customer calls.


According to statistics, 43% of customers prefer call centers that provide bots to facilitate customer service. These and many other requirements make companies opt for a versatile yet effective software to modernize their call centers. Choosing a rich call center software with the above 7 features will help streamline your business communication process. As a result, you can offer your customers a personalized journey on their preferred channel and help them stand out from the competition.


After all, enterprise-grade security for businesses is a primary requirement in today's volatile business environment. So companies should focus on a reliable branded call center solution. To know more about such cloud call center solutions, please visit Knowlarity.

Written By:  Aditya


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