Top 10 Cloud Call Center Providers in India

May 8, 2021

Seamless and efficient customer communication enables any business to offer customer satisfaction for any services/product related query. Getting access to a smart cloud call center software in India is the vital key to offer timely transformation of communication. Cloud call center softwares will help you achieve your customer satisfaction goal.

Organizations working remotely and want a future sustainability will benefit the most by moving to cloud call center. It will ensure smooth business continuity without any interruption in the existing work model.

By switching to smart cloud solutions, businesses can:

  • Manage teams performance remotely from any location
  • Divert customer calls to agents personal mobile numbers
  • Track business insights via contact center analytics dashboard
  • Haddle large inbound and outbound call volumes
  • Never miss a single customer call via live notifications
  • Installation of CRM tool without any Capex requirement

We have compiled a list of top 10 players of cloud call center providers in India.

  1. Knowlarity
  2. Exotel
  3. Ozontel
  4. MyOperator
  5. Ameyo
  6. Servetel
  7. Bay Talkitec
  8. Big V Telecom
  9. CallHippo
  10. MCube

All the listed cloud call center providers are offering a great variety of smart solutions. Most desired call center solutions by every business mostly include outbound, inbound and blended calls. Apart from the main features of a cloud call center, businesses also choose smart solutions like virtual number, number masking that helps to maintain data privacy from both the ends to create a network of secured connections. The added features of progressive dialer, automated IVR speech, call recording, barging, whisper, real time data analysis will help businesses to scale and for strategic decision making.

Besides, the smart call center solution is affordable for any business vertical from big to small. Even startups with a minimum of 1 to 5 agents to big enterprises with over 500+ agents can install an automated call center solution with hardly any equipment cost. Hence, there is no bar of total employees or clients to initiate a smart solution to your existing services.

However, in case you are wondering, are you ready for this solution? How will it be a wise decision to configure a call center solution when I have fewer employees? Will, it cost more than my monthly expenses?

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