Building Cutting Edge Technology with our new CTO Ajay Shrivastava

March 7, 2017

At Knowlarity, our new mantra is 10x growth. We want to grow faster than we have ever before – not just in terms of expanding our customer base, but also to deliver far more value to our existing customers.

The backbone of every SaaS company is technology, and we believe that the only way to drive that kind of growth is to strengthen our very core – our tech capabilities.

With that aim in mind, we are excited to bring onboard one of the most dynamic and best-known names in the tech space as our new Chief Technology Officer – Ajay Shrivastava, formerly the Head of Technology at OYO Rooms.

Ajay has been a technical leader in start-ups as well as established global leaders such as Intel, Adobe, Microsoft, Expedia, SlideShare and LinkedIn. Ajay is a 2005 graduate from the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Bangalore.


At OYO, Ajay spearheaded the growth of their technology team from scratch. During his time at OYO, the company grew exponentially from 4 to 200 cities, from a handful to 7000+ hotels and 2500 employees across the country. He developed several engineering execution philosophies such as ‘Solver Teams’ and ‘Minimum Viable Technology’ (MVT).


Knowlarity is currently on an ambitious expansion path. To scale up quickly, we need to continue building cutting edge technology at a rapid pace. To do that successfully, we need to ensure that innovation can thrive – free of bottlenecks.

“Ajay’s expertise will help us to build the the right team and establish key systems and processes for nurturing and executing innovation.” Ambarish Gupta, CEO and Founder

We have begun implementing his MVT and Solver Teams methodologies to execute faster. He will help Knowlarity to cement its leadership in the Cloud Telephony industry.

“I hope to create something unique and disruptive together with the passionate team at Knowlarity.” Ajay Shrivastava

We have also launched a new tech blog, The blog will feature expert opinions, insights, stories and experiences from Knowlarity’s Engineering, Design, and Product teams. Ajay’s articles will be a great addition to this blog, as these are already followed by thousands of young professionals as well as industry veterans.

Even though Knowlarity is seven years old and has 300+ employees, we are very much a startup at heart. We want to work with the agility of a startup and grow rapidly like a startup. Having Ajay as part of our team is a key element of our growth, and we are all super excited to be part of this journey.

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