An exhaustive guide to Toll-Free numbers with features and benefits

Feb 18, 2022

This is a phone number where the service provider bills the owner of the number for all received calls. In simple terms, the person making the call is not charged for the call.

They were first introduced in the Western Hemisphere in the 1950s as a means of reducing the costs of long-distance calls. Since the first prefix used for toll-free numbers was '800,' they are also called '800 numbers'.

The most common toll-free number in India is 1800. In recent years, they have been assigned based on geographical area codes.Toll-free numbers are country-specific phone numbers that consumers can call for free in other countries. However, mobile phones may incur extra charges if the caller is making their request from a mobile device.

For businesses, the most popular choice is a domestic toll-free number since mobile users will not incur additional charges. Depending on the configuration you choose in your package, your number will have a prefix.

How are they billed?

If you subscribe to a toll-free number, you may be charged according to the number of minutes you spend on the phone per month or per year. In India, fixed monthly charges are not excessive and are usually within a few thousand rupees.

It is possible to be charged for processing your subscription request, submitting a security deposit, and for each call you receive.

Does setup and maintenance take long?

A cloud telephony provider does not provide a toll-free solution. Phone lines and switchboard operators are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

By using cloud-based numbers, you can avoid the costs of setting up, maintaining, and training old school infrastructure, which saves office space and avoids potential downtime. Each company striving for a well-rounded customer experience has them. Cloud-based toll-free solutions offer businesses additional features such as call recording, call forwarding, and call routing that enhance productivity and performance.

Companies can also purchase cloud telephony bundles, which combine toll-free numbers with multi-tier IVR systems to handle high call volumes.

Branding your phone numbers can help boost your company's brand recall and create a customized phone number for your company. Since these numbers offer more customization options, they are usually more expensive than your typical toll-free number, but at the same time, they offer a greater return on investment.

Industries that invest in Toll-free numbers

A wide range of products is available. General emergency helplines are the most obvious choice for government agencies, natural disaster mitigation departments, and charities. However, in sectors that make bookings secure, such as medicine (consultations, ambulances, paramedics) or travel (hotel reservations, ticket confirmations, cancellations), toll-free numbers are also common.

In today's e-commerce world, it is vital for customer support and grievances, as well as establishing a strong brand reputation for small and medium enterprises. Research institutes can set up toll-free numbers for studies inviting self-reporting or registering. Toll-free numbers are also great for impulse-based ventures like telemarketing, where the customer should not face any barriers in wanting to buy a product.

Can you buy more than one Toll-free number?

A business may purchase an unlimited number of subscriptions with the TRAI. Each number can be used for a different campaign, and each can be retired at the end of the campaign. There is no point to hoard an inordinate amount of merchandise that can confuse customers or cause trouble for other business owners during their selection.

Customers often use toll-free numbers when they want to try a company without committing any money. Toll-free solutions can capture genuine callers quickly and grow your customer list steadily and loyally if combined with timely call reports, analytics and an efficient real-time dashboard.

For industries that are highly dependent on customer service, toll-free numbers have served as the foundation for business continuity initiatives. In the new normal, businesses in these verticals will need these numbers more than ever, but others can too rely on them to improve their services and support. As you integrate the solution into your routine operations, you need to choose the provider carefully.

You need someone you can trust for dependable support, consistent quality, and affordability in their services. With Knowlarity, the leading provider of toll-free numbers in India, all of these criteria are met, so you can go ahead with the collaboration without any hesitation.

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