An exhaustive guide to using Missed Call Solution with features and Benefits

Feb 20, 2022

When a call gets disconnected before it is answered, it is referred to as a missed call. It is important to note that a missed call is not the same as a missed call service or a missed call solution.

In a missed call solution powered by the cloud, you can track calls, record responses from callers, and follow up with an automated message.

Using this solution, one can book a table at a restaurant or schedule an appointment with a doctor. By combining cloud features like IVR, call records, and auto-attendant, businesses can not only leverage missed call solutions but also gain a holistic understanding of their campaigns.

How does missed call solution work?

An essential feature of cloud telephony is missed call solutions. Toll-free numbers (1800 numbers) or virtual numbers can be used to employ the service. The moment the call lands on the missed call number, it is disconnected. The use of an IVR to record caller responses can be extremely useful in this situation.

Businesses can gain vital insights into their customers by utilizing call recordings in the cloud. With a missed call number, they can conduct polls, surveys, and other research strategies and adjust their business decisions accordingly.

This solution comes with a user-friendly portal, which lets marketers access comprehensive reports and track how many callers responded and how many hung up at the IVR.

A business can use a missed call solution to inquire about an upcoming product or service. Customers can answer by giving a missed call on a specific number and selecting "interested" or "not interested" from the IVR using their keypads.

What are some effective ways to create a Missed Call campaign?

Choosing a suitable number - either toll-free (1800) or a regular virtual number - is the first step in creating a successful missed call campaign. From here, you can get creative!

Creatively market this number through online and offline channels such as pamphlets, social media, and newspaper ads. After the marketing, many of your customers will reach out to you, and you can deploy an auto-notification service to get a follow-up with maybe a link to the website.

The major advantage of missed call solutions is that leads can be generated at a lower cost.

A missed call solution is an instant, cost-effective method to generate leads and collect valuable customer information. Each missed call comes with a new scope of opportunity! Through missed call solutions, you can handle tedious tasks such as organizing quick polls and engaging customer surveys. A missed call solution offers many powerful features.

Run simultaneous campaigns: You can run multiple campaigns and cater to multiple marketing objectives with the power of cloud-based missed call solutions. Through a user-friendly online portal, you can not only run but also track these campaigns.

Unlimited channels: Cloud telephony allows you to receive swarms of missed calls simultaneously without missing a lead. In addition, your business will be able to handle more calls with unlimited channels as a result of being more accessible to your customers.

Comprehensive campaign analysis: With robust campaign analytics and missed call solutions, you'll stay on top of the latest trends in your industry. You will also receive scheduled emails on your registered email address, allowing you to improve your campaigns continually.

SMS Alerts: Boost your follow-up strategy with instant SMS alerts and missed call solutions. They also help you build better recall factors for your campaigns. You are also alerted to every missed call by these SMS updates.

IVR with missed calls: To make campaigns more interactive, deploy an intelligent IVR system and missed call solutions. It lets you build better connections with each caller by acknowledging them with a pleasant greeting. These features are also dependent on the service provider you choose. So think carefully about your options and try to get as many features as you can!

Missed call solutions can be helpful for lead generation, customer engagement, and customer support. A hassle-free way to automate mundane tasks, such as customer registration, is to use missed calls. For example, organizers can use a missed call to get all visitors to register for a marketing event or a seminar. By doing so, you will also build a stronger audience.

Written By:  Aliya


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