Benefits of Softphone with WebRTC & MPLS

Oct 22, 2021

Softphone for business is a revolutionizing solution that has enabled companies to function way beyond the boundaries of physical limitations, even during the challenging times of the pandemic. According to this International Data Center statistic, 2020 saw massive growth in the market for Unified Calling and Collaboration solutions, standing at 29.9% YoY growth, 7.9% QoQ growth, and a business of $13 billion in the fourth quarter of the year.

Combining Softphone with WebRTC (Web-based Real-Time Communication) has opened up new avenues for exploration, allowing Softphone with WebRTC to branch away from the swivel-chair mechanism for calling. Additionally, aided with Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), the circuit time has decreased significantly, making the entire operation more efficient. Let's see some of the benefits of Softphone with WebRTC and MPLS.

Benefits of WebRTC and MPLS Enabled Softphone

In addition to improving flexibility and efficiency of the entire customer-fronted calling operations of a business, there are numerous other benefits of using Softphone for business enabled with MPLS and WebRTC.

Softphones With WebRTC and MPLS Improve Customer Experience

Equipped with Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VoIP), Softphone delivers exceptional voice quality to the customer, establishing effective communication without any interruption. This works to enhance consumer experience and drive conversations to a solution effectively.

Consumer experience has assumed a central role in today's business, with 70% of the CEOs in enterprises pinpointing this aspect of running a business as a key competitive differentiator.

They are Scalable

No business is static - they all plan to grow, expand and become bigger. With that in mind, the telephony that it employs also needs to emulate the same trends. Softphone with WebRTC is scalable since it is based on software for all its operations. Whether your business is starting out or branching out, a scalable Softphone enables your customer care executives to adjust the functionality accordingly.

They are Economical

Since Softphone with WebRTC is a software-based open-source application, it doesn't need a dedicated infrastructure of a full-fledged call center to function. All that is required is a platform for the software to run on, and it is good to go. This also significantly reduces investment in paraphernalia required to run the calling system.

Secure Environment

Softphone for business operates in a secured calling environment reinforced by Virtual Private Networks. This not only secures the conversations between the business and its customers end-to-end but also prevents loss of data and interruptions.

Physical Freedom

Softphone with WebRTC is free from the requirement of physical infrastructure, making it a remote-work friendly application for call centers. The Multi-Protocol Label Switching enables call executives to seamlessly go back and forth between on-premise and cloud-based modes of Softphone, catalyzing a highly versatile and flexible work method. With such tall benefits associated with using Softphone for business, it is no wonder that 50% of government offices employ this solution in their workflows, according to Gartner.


Softphone with WebRTC has immense potential of catalyzing the calling operations of a business. Especially with its real-time display and integration capabilities with any kind of web application, Softphone for business is an essential tool for customer-centric businesses.

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