The click-to-Call solution allows your customers to reach you with an instant click

Sep 20, 2021

The Click to call is an advanced technology that enables prospective customers to effortlessly get in touch with a business. As the name suggests, a user can place a call or communicate with the company with a click of a button. It is a simple and easy way to contact a business.

The software offers several advantages to companies in UAE and helps them increase their sales. More customers and more conversions lead to more revenue generation. The solution enables businesses in the UAE to adopt a customer-centric approach and be readily available to the customers, winning their trust and confidence.

The Click to Call solution allows the customers to reach out to a business with a click quickly. The solution offers several advantages, the most crucial being making the company accessible to the users instantly. The solution acts as a simple yet powerful tool that connects the leads with the business. Getting the Click-to-call solution will benefit your business. Let's discuss the top reasons which will make you introduce this technology in your organisation.

Easy to Integrate: With an easy-to-integrate widget on the website, make it effortless for the users to get in touch with your business. There is no hassle of copying and pasting the number and then placing the calls. It simplifies the process of calling the organisation.

Easy to Install: The solution is easy to install. It is cloud-based software, so there is no requirement for any additional infrastructure. Publishing the toll-free number and the click-to-call solution makes it easy for the customers and encourages them to have a conversation with the business. The conversation triggers a business relationship and offers the sales team an opportunity to convert the lead into customers.

Integration with CRM platforms: Extend the capabilities of your CRM by seamlessly integrating the solution with any of the leading CRMs. With consolidated customer information available in a dashboard, engaging the customer and retaining them becomes easier.

Configuration with IVR: The click-to-call solution and configuring it with IVR allow the ease of calling and communicating with the next available agent. The customers can contact the company quickly, and at your end, you can make sure that their call is answered promptly.

Post Form trigger: The solution allows the customers to list their requirements/ queries and then call. The process improves the quality of the conversation, and callers get accurate and quick answers. The sales team gets ample time to prepare the relevant information. It helps in increasing the conversion rate.

Safeguards privacy: The solution masks the phone numbers of the callers and receivers, which helps to keep their privacy intact.

Record every call: A single dashboard displays all the relevant call data, making it easier for the sales team to track the customer journey. It helps them to classify the best leads, nurture them and turn them into customers. It allows attending every call with confidence as they have all the required information in the dashboard and provide high customer satisfaction.

Never miss a lead: The solution offers ease to customers to get in touch with the business by clicking on the CTA. A company can call back the customer and grab the opportune moment for conversions. It also creates a good impression on the visitors as they find the business approachable and customer-friendly.

Integration with websites & Apps: The click-to-call solution can be easily integrated with the website. Google Analytics, the data from different sources can be integrated into the solution, providing businesses a 360-degree view of their leads. They can take appropriate actions to nurture those leads and promote business growth.

Knowlarity has been a pioneer in making the latest cloud communication technology available to business organisations. It helps them sync with the latest development in technology and add value to their business with its technologically advanced solutions.

In a short period, Knowlarity has won the trust of more than 800 businesses in the UAE and is a reliable provider of cloud-based technology, including Click-to-call in UAE. Grab the opportunity to attract more leads and convert them into customers by being easily accessible to them. For more information on the solutions, feel free to visit our website.

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