Cloud Calling: What’s Your First Choice?

December 9, 2015

Unified communications were developed to provide access to voice communications from anywhere to anyone across the globe. In most cases, this form of technology is quite expensive. However, Knowlarity offers a wide range of intelligent and flexible cloud solutions. Take a quick glimpse at the technology’s first-hand benefits and advantages:

Cost Saving

If users continue to consider using a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) line instead of cloud-based communications, every minute spent over communication converts into higher pay value. Cloud uses the Internet as a medium for communication, and hence, the only cost incurred will be the user’s ISP.

Global Collaboration

Cloud communications replace the idea of a conventional telephone system; the possibility to set up a conference in real-time only adds a competitive advantage to the team and business on a larger perspective.

Affordable Hardware and Software

The only form of additional hardware required for voice communication hosted on the cloud is a soundcard with speakers and a microphone. The basics required to make the most of this technology are mostly affordable essentials purchased by every commoner. Speaking of software, there are plenty of free or cost-effective options available online.

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