Cloud Communications: The Future of Technology

August 23, 2015

It’s a well-known fact that business calls contribute up to 80% of successful transactions in any enterprise. It is an undying effort for startups and SMEs to attend customer calls at the drop of a hat. Efficient call handling is a must. Customer centricity followed by high lead generation should be the sole focus of every startup enterprise and the rest is history!

As businesses tend to further explore the growing expansion of technology, it is essential to understand the extent to which we have revolutionized the business call handling mechanism. Can enterprises today successfully replace traditional call centers with technology-proven measures? Will the outcome of such technology transitions be stated up to the mark?

Cloud communications, a popular technology facility has the potential to streamline business communications, leverage the brand, boost overall productivity and spark customer engagement. This solution offers a series of features that are simply not available on a traditional phone system.

A walk through the interesting benefits of cloud communications will encourage SMEs to make a tangible shift towards this solution.

Go Beyond Voice

Cloud communications have the potential to deliver services beyond just calls; transferring of images, videos and texts is quite possible. For instance, you can be online with someone while sending files or using a webcam. Revolutionary, isn’t it?

Smart Use of Bandwidth

It is a given fact that over 50% of a telephone conversation is filled with silence. Cloud communications technology fills up the ’empty’ space to ensure that the bandwidth of communication channels are not wasted. In layman’s terms, the bandwidth is available only when the user is in need of it.

Less Complex

By using cloud communications technology, the complexity of using the product is eliminated, resulting in an integrated and flexible infrastructure that can actually support different forms of communication.

Multitude of Features

Startups can benefit from the solution’s plethora of resources and features to ensure user-rich experiences and enhanced communications system.

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