The Complete Guide to the Virtual Mobile Number CLI

Sep 18, 2021

The Virtual Mobile Number CLI refers to the cloud-based virtual number -Calling Line Identity. Businesses can make outbound calls to customers that display the ten-digit number. With the number shown, it increases the probability of the call-pick-up ratio. It helps improve the lead generation process and enables the business to get a high ROI.

Let's discuss how the Virtual Mobile Number increases customer interaction and makes the communication process more reliable.

Better Call rate: Virtual Mobile Number CLI helps in improving the Customer Call Pick-up rate. With calls made via the CLI 10 Digit Mobile Number, the receiver is more likely to receive it.

Better connectivity: With the Virtual Number CLI, a business can improve the customer response rate. With enhanced voice quality and seamless connection, a company can ensure better connectivity and never lose a business opportunity.

Identify high-quality leads: By identifying the high-quality leads with the Virtual Mobile Number, a business can increase the call pick-up ratio and quickly identify the better leads. By doing so, they are on the right track, as they can invest their resources in nurturing the best leads. Also, they can aim at a higher conversion rate.

Easy Billing: The Virtual Mobile Number CLI facilitates easy billing with the Zero CapEx model while paying only a single leg for agent and customer, proving cost-efficient.

99.5 % uptime: The solution continuously runs without any issues with seamless connectivity and 99.5 % uptime. A business can ensure that it is connected with its customers and keep the momentum going on of customer engagement, retention, and providing them a better CX.

API & CRM Integration: The Virtual Mobile Number can be customised with API & CRM integration and can be customised as per the requirement. Along with displaying the numbers, it provides valuable insights into the communication process. This data helps businesses to improve customer experience and provide high satisfaction to them.

Handle large call volumes:

The Virtual Mobile number allows businesses to handle large volumes of calls in a day. With more calls, a company gets an excellent opportunity to get more customers by taking more calls.

Multi-level / Lingual IVR Support

Companies can integrate the solution with the IVR system in English, Hindi, and several regional languages. The multi-level self-help menus assist the user in navigating the options and quickly finding the correct one to answer their queries. They can choose the option that identifies their problem and get a quick resolution for the same. Moreover, with multi-lingual support, a business can provide a personalised experience to the customers. It increases the probability of lead conversion as a personal connection plays an integral part in the same.

Analytics insights: The solution provides an in-depth analysis of the call trends and the agents' performance. With daily/ weekly and monthly reports, a business can make informed decisions and improve its operations. Moreover, it can also take the necessary steps to improve agent productivity who with better performance get a higher lead conversion rate.

Automated Workflows; Automation streamlines business communication and improves efficiency. Companies can easily integrate the Virtual Mobile Number CLI with the IVR. The IVR offers multi-level menus that direct the customers to the correct option and quickly resolve their queries.

Number Masking: Number Masking with the virtual number allows to protect customers' privacy. It is an essential aspect of the Virtual number Software that prevents misuse of the customer's data.

Call Routing & Recording: The Virtual Number solution allows smart routing, enabling quick and seamless customer connectivity. It provides a better customer experience by minimizing the wait time and instantly connecting with the agents. The smart call routing enables faster connectivity with the agents, and customers are happy with the reduced wait time. The recording serves as training material for the business, which it can utilize to identify customers' preferences and improve agent productivity.


The Virtual Number CLI is indeed a highly beneficial technology that is helping a large number of businesses pan India to improve their operation, provide users a better experience and earn more revenue. If you are looking for a trustable cloud telephony firm that can provide the Virtual Mobile Number, then Knowlarity will prove to be a great option. It is a name synonymous with reliability and high-quality solutions that it offers at budget-friendly prices.

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