Enhance Customer Engagement with Click To Call Solutions

Oct 31, 2022

What is a Click-to-Call Solution?

Businesses can integrate a 'call back' button on their websites. This enables click-to-call. Upon clicking this button, customers are directed to enter their contact details to register a callback request. As soon as this is done, a system-generated call is initiated between the customer and a business representative.

Instead of the customer waiting for minutes on end, going through IVR options unsuccessfully (and possibly hanging up out of frustration), the best click-to-call service tries to make the communication process easier, so customers have a smoother and more seamless engagement experience. Companies across the world use click-to-call solutions to improve their business potential.

Five ways in which the Click-to-Call Solution improves customer engagement

- Attracts customers' attention

Grabbing customer attention is a top priority for every business. With Knowlarity's click-to-call solution, businesses can reach their clients across various platforms, engage with them in real-time, and convert prospects immediately.

Using the CRM system that Knowlarity provides, businesses can easily maintain track of their customers. The CRM system allows to create a database and increases customer engagement by tracking customer information.

- Reduces manual effort in resolving customer queries

Instead of manually searching for information on how to contact a company, customers can easily and quickly reach a company's representatives to get their queries solved via a click-to-call solution. This enables quick interaction and easy customer engagement, ensuring their continued loyalty to the business.

- Improve Engagement By Not Missing Calls

Imagine never missing a customer's call! Knowlarity makes it possible for your business to improve customer engagement by ensuring every customer call has been answered. Instead of making customers go through manual forms to fill out their contact details and wait for a representative to call, the click-to-call solution acts as a quick CTA button where a customer can immediately click and receive a call from the business. This is a more efficient way for companies to engage and connect with their customers and improves revenue in the long run.

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- Detailed Reporting:

With a click-to-call service like Knowlarity, businesses can access detailed reports and call logs. To engage with customers more effectively, they can assess the feedback and survey responses gathered through automated conversations. Businesses can collate important information and use it to improve their offerings and services in the long run. With SMS & call blasts, customers can even be sent reminders.

- Smart Integration Across Apps

Businesses use the click-to-call solution to improve customer outreach. This service can easily be integrated across apps like Google Analytics, allowing companies to access customer insights and data on a single platform. This helps in improving customer connections over time, leading to a stronger engagement rate.

At Knowlarity, we truly believe that customers appreciate faster connectivity, which prompts them to remain engaged and loyal to a business. From helping you track marketing ROI to being a great solution for businesses that encourage remote working or have high customer interactions, Knowlarity's click-to-call solution is the right answer to many questions, including enhancing consumer engagement.

Embedding the best click-to-call service can boost your business almost 3-4x while enhancing the overall customer experience. As a popular click-to-call solution across UAE, businesses love Knowlarity for its high-quality cloud communication solutions.

With over 15,000+ large and small corporations as clients, Knowlarity truly is one of the best click-to-call service providers that have improved customer engagement for businesses.

Eager to see for yourself? Get a free 7-day trial to explore how Knowlarity can enhance customer engagement for your business. For more information, contact us!

Written By:  Aditya


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