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Oct 22, 2021

To meet the ever changing demands of customer engagement, businesses have slowly dumped traditional ways to conduct their business and embrace technology for enhanced customer service and operations. Traditional telephony that has been conducive for effective customer communication is slowly being replaced by cloud telephony services.

Hence, many companies are now implementing cloud call centers in customer engagement. Cloud Telephony Providers are providers of choice for businesses that deem effective calling experience for customers central to its growth.

So if you are a business looking to enhance your customer calling experience using contact center solutions for effective business growth, here are a few important things you should be doing-

1. Get a unique Business Number

Cloud Telephony operates via a Virtual Number that can be related with multiple phone numbers, PCs, Laptops and any other devices. The rather simple 10-digit number of mobile, landline and toll–free version lets your business make/receive multiple calls, voice mails, send automated messages, see call details, listen to call recordings, etc. Even if your business operates through multitudes of locations and devices. Through cloud telephony services, a business can make it possible for calls to be routed to the specific location or person without much hassle.

2. Interactive voice response system (IVRS)

Cloud telephony providers apart from offering cloud contact center offer solutions like IVR or Interactive Voice Response for efficient management of inbound and even outbound customer calls. It lets customers solve queries on their own and redirect them to an agent whenever required. It is done via voice configuration and DTMF inputs. It allows customers to reach one-on-one, interact with a computer via voice configuration and DTMF inputs. With an efficiently designed IVR System, calls can be provisioned to the auto attendant or agents. These are the following features that make IVR an efficient tool to be integrated with a cloud call center-

  • Welcome Greetings
  • Single & Multi-level Menus
  • Unlimited Departments and Options
  • Intelligent routing system basis skill, language, region and department
  • Automatic call distribution with round-robin, priority, and ring all features
  • Queue management
  • Generate lead or Generate Sales lead
  • Automated responses in the form of SMS to caller, notify user and others
  • Automated Email notification to user
  • IVR Deflection

3. Dialers

Dialers are a crucial tool for easing and automating the dialing process. There are mainly three types of dialers – Preview, Progressive and Predictive Dialer. Preview Dialer is a manually operated dialer that makes an outbound call with just a simple click of a button. Progressive and Predictive dialers are automated dialers in which a contact/customer list is uploaded, and automatically call blasts are made by the dialer taking in business representatives for customer conversation. The former will make calls one after the other however the latter allows you to work on setting call ratios.

4. Call and Data Analytics

Effective data management is key to business sustenance and growth. It is through data only that a business can objectively view the performance of its business. It can help your business see where all a business could improve. Customer conversations are a largely honest peep into the quality of your business’ products and offerings. The conversations you are having with your customers should be effectively analyzed in a quick and efficient manner. Basic phone call insights can provide data on basic information like duration of call, lead churn, NPS Scores, etc.

A cloud call center can be integrated with Advanced Speech Recognition Software to analyze calls better, and in fact automate 100% call analysis. is the only way your business can grow and succeed. This information via ASR aids your business learn more about the customer’s journey and various insights on what specifically they liked or disliked about your offerings. . Businesses can derive key marketing metrics from call analytics and data derived via ASR Platform.

Your business can find various key performance indicators or KPIs to see which campaigns/products/scripts are successful. This information can also help businesses innovate, make their offerings better and even optimize their ROI. Discover how Knowlarity’s cloud communication solutions can relieve your business representative team of some of their grievance redressal responsibilities and mundane tasks, empowering them to focus on strategic tasks and revenue generation.

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