What Is Number Masking, And Explain Phone Number Masking For Customer Privacy?

July 12, 2022

As a business person, you may know that customers demand complete privacy in addition to high-quality products and services. Unfortunately, ensuring data privacy in the digital age is a difficult challenge. Customers must register their phone numbers for almost everything, from online shopping to using your services.

Their phone number contains crucial and confidential information. Since customers trust your organisation, protecting them from data breaches should be your topmost responsibility. It would help if you implemented security measures, and one option is to incorporate number masking into your organisation.

What Is Number Masking?

Number masking is a voice-over-internet protocol system that safeguards the privacy of call participants. It will be your customer and agent in this scenario. Two on-call people/entities interact without revealing their phone numbers. This type of solution protects not only the data of your clients but also the data of your employees.

How Does Number Masking Work?

The software redirects incoming customer calls to replacement/proxy numbers when you get a number masking solution for your company. In other words, when a consumer contacts your company, the proxy number supports communication rather than the customer's actual number. When the interaction is over, the replacement number is returned to the database and routed to other connections.

The server will immediately deploy the number masking service if a consumer purchases something from your website. As a result, when your delivery representative phones your client to confirm their location or availability, the call is sent through a proxy number. Neither the delivery person nor the consumer can view the actual number; therefore, their number remains digitally secured.

Importance of Phone Number Masking Services

Cyberattacks are increasing daily, so you must implement all possible security measures, including number masking. If your company fails to do so, there is a chance that malevolent persons will steal your client's number for selfish purposes. If your clients' number is leaked and exploited, your company will be in big trouble.

Your company will suffer not just financial but also reputational damage. It will destroy your clients' faith and, as a result, their loyalty, which might even go insolvent. Therefore, to safeguard the security of your customers' data, it is critical to incorporate several masking services from a reputable service provider.

Business Benefits of Number Masking Services

Your company should get a number masking solution since it is worthwhile. In addition to privacy, it provides several other benefits outlined below.

Protects Customer-Agent Privacy

The phone numbers of those engaged on a call are not revealed using number masking. End-to-end encryption safeguards the privacy of both the client and the agent during the conversation.

Number Masking

Allows Call Logging and Monitoring

You can use the automated software to record, monitor, and examine every conversation that occurs in your company. It allows for easy assessment of agent performance and customer service quality. You can identify and correct the agents' mistakes by reading the insights. It provides for future quality customer service delivery, retaining existing clients while attracting new ones.

Provides Real-Time Insights

If you get a number masking solution, you get an option to record and monitor calls that provide you with vital information. You can make critical business choices using real-time analytics, such as understanding and implementing client feedback. Of course, as mentioned above, you can test the agents' efficacy and call quality.

Strengthens Customer Loyalty

Customers are cautious about revealing their phone numbers for privacy reasons, which makes sense considering the rise in data breaches. If you use the number masking service and inform your consumers, they will feel more secure doing business with you. They will make more purchases and may even refer you to other users. This greatly aids in attracting new consumers, ensuring client loyalty, and increasing earnings.

Final Verdict

By obtaining several masking services from industry professionals such as Knowlarity, you can remove the weak areas that compromise your clients' privacy. Aside from that, your company will gain the trust of customers and, eventually, the reputation of the stakeholders.

In addition to the benefits described in the post, it will enjoy enhanced call quality, automation that makes the activity seamless, and response time uniformity.

Finally, Knowlarity's number masking service saves you a lot of money since our solution will help satisfy your branches' demands, even if they are dispersed internationally, at a low cost with no infrastructure or other investment. So get in touch with us quickly before a cybercriminal threatens your customers' privacy.

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