Five Reasons why a Business must deploy a Toll-Free Number

Aug 19th

In this day and age, having a competitive product isn’t enough. Businesses must extend it to their customer service. In the plethora of options to choose from, customers often select vendors or service partners that provide a quick and enhanced customer experience. Indeed, providing an unparalleled customer experience becomes the differentiating factor.

With technological advancements in communication, businesses have moved from traditional phone numbers to Toll-Free numbers. Toll-Free Numbers better the customer experience in many ways. Before we delve deeper into the multitude ways they do, let's define what exactly is a Toll-Free Number?

With a toll free number starting at 1800, customers call a business without any cost. The cost for a toll-free call is borne by the business or the called party, which is the toll-free subscriber, and not the calling party (customers).

Businesses that use a Toll-free number fully understand that it’s an incomparable tool when it comes to providing an enhanced customer experience. In the past few years, having a toll-free number has become a must-have to make businesses portray being customer friendly and innovative. It does more than a business think it can - even boost sales and revenue

Lets look at why a Toll-free number is indispensable as a business number however your size is-

Instil Trust in Customers

The businesses of today don’t depend as much on having a physical address in the most elite of work complexes in the city and often operate remotely from various cities and locations. But is it something that they would want their customers to be aware of? By extending a Toll-Free number to prospects and clients, businesses are empowered to maintain a trusted and credible image in the minds of their customers and target group. Having a toll-free number makes businesses look professional and trustworthy. Through its ease of use and implementation, any business can boost its credibility almost instantly.

Enhance Customer Experience & Satisfaction

One of the foremost reasons for businesses to initially take up a Toll-free Number for businesses was to improve customer experience and satisfaction. With a Toll-free number, customers easily reach businesses and not worry about incurring a cost while they may be already distressed and have grievances regarding the business. Businesses that give a toll-free number to customers to answer queries establish further the concept that they care about customers and their grievances. With a toll-free number, customers can reach businesses anytime and don’t need to struggle to find a business representative. By making customers reach businesses easily, customer satisfaction and retention automatically go up.

Unify your brand Image

In the post-pandemic stricken world of today,modern businesses can work remotely but they can’t afford to portray the image of their customer care team working from different places. Through the advanced features a Toll-Free Number offers, one is that the customer support team of businesses can work from anywhere by getting calls forwarded to their numbers. Irrespective of wherever the customer support team is working from or the device/phone number they are using, a Toll-Free number in uncertain times such as now, aids businesses to retain the faith their customers have without having to make their customer support team work from an office space. Businesses can not only support their customers but also their employees with the help of a toll-free number.

Marketing Tool for Campaign

A Toll-free number can go beyond its intended usage and act as a marketing tool too. Businesses advertise their products through various channels and medium - from print campaigns in magazines & billboards, social media to search campaigns. Toll-free numbers allow businesses to get extensions for channels which allows them to track their efforts on the marketing campaigns. Through detailed call records and call analysis, businesses can understand which marketing channels work the most optimum for them. Even small businesses and startups can calculate ROI on marketing campaigns without investing a lt. For other marketing activities like conducting polls, surveys, launching new products in the market and getting instant customer feedback, businesses of all sizes can use a toll-free number.

Tap into new business opportunities

A Toll-Free number makes sure businesses get more reach without restricting themselves to a city. Businesses can get leads and prospects from various places and boost revenue overall by making sure that their services/products aren’t bound by their physical address. In the globalized world of today, businesses are able to reach leads that they couldn’t before with the help of a Toll-Free Number. Since no cost is born by the lead, there’s a higher chance that they would call the business to enquire about a service/product.

Whatever the type, size or industry, all businesses can benefit immensely from deploying a toll-free number. It’s well established that superior customer service and supporting the sales team is vital to the success of the business in this day and age.

Even before the advent of internet & online presence, a toll-free number could do more than connect to current and prospective customers. From modern industries like E-Commerce, Software Companies to traditional industries like BFSI, Healthcare, Retail the value of having a Toll-Free number is unmatched. To put it simply, for a business to truly sustain and flourish, assuring the customer that there’s human at the other end of the conversation who’s there to make sure your grievances are solved & queries are dealt with.


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