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Nov 15, 2021

Customer feedback is a critical input that guides a business’ strategy and decision-making. It serves as a quick way to understand customer satisfaction and views about its products and services. Enterprises that are not customer-friendly and that ignore customer feedback are most likely to go out of business soon.

One of the most simple and cost-efficient ways to gather customer feedback is through a missed call solution. This allows a business to get feedback without its customers spending from their pockets. Customers can share their opinions simply through a missed call and businesses can record feedback or can get in touch with them if needed through IVR, SMS, or a telephone. Customers can also have the option of requesting a callback to voice their feedback by giving a missed call. Missed call solutions also find application in promotional campaigns, opt-in or opt-out services, and community support initiatives.

Features of a missed call solution:

  • Run multiple feedback campaigns: Clients can run multiple missed call campaigns simultaneously from a single easy-to-use web interface.
  • Unlimited missed call channels: Clients can receive multiple missed calls at the same time, thereby ensuring that they don’t miss out on any critical feedback.
  • Automated campaign analysis: Clients can remain on top of the feedback campaign through analysis reports available on the analytics dashboard.
  • Missed call automated messages: Customers can receive an instant SMS notification after a missed call, which can provide additional details or follow-up information useful to know.
  • Connect with IVR: Clients can connect their missed call service with IVR to establish immediate interaction with their customers, acknowledge the feedback with a prerecorded message, provide a menu of options for sharing further feedback, or speak to a representative.
  • Easy CRM integration: Clients can integrate the missed call solution with their CRM software to automatically sync customer data and feedback.

Benefits of missed call solution

  • Zero cost to customers: Customers can submit feedback, request a callback, or engage with a business without spending any money in the process.
  • Quick installation: Clients can quickly set up the missed call solution and manage the service through an easy-to-use interface.
  • Measure campaign success: Clients can monitor campaign progress and performance through reports containing detailed information about missed calls.
  • Simple and effortless: Customers do not need to fill out lengthy feedback forms and can simply submit their responses via a missed call

Use cases of collecting feedback from customers through missed calls

  • Voting: As popular TV shows do for voting favorite contestants, businesses can run contests or elections through missed call service and solicit feedback from customers on their preferred vote of products or services. Customers simply must give a missed call on the number which corresponds to their vote. This also makes the vote-counting process easier.
  • Opt-in or opt-out: Clients can offer their customers a chance to opt-in or opt-out of specific services or campaigns. This is a good way for businesses to understand which services or products are getting traction with the customers. It also saves the clients the need to manually do these operational tasks of recording feedback.
  • Garnering support for a cause: Missed calls can be an easy way for customers to support social causes that are closest to their values. NGOs often use missed calls for garnering support for a particular cause.
  • Recording feedback: Clients can simply publish a number for customers to miss call on. Once the missed call is recorded, a representative can get in touch or a survey can be messaged to the customer so that appropriate feedback is recorded.

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