How to get a toll-free number in India

How to get a toll-free number in India

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Toll-free as it sounds is tax free number that is, the dialler doesn’t pay for the call. It’s a number that starts from 1800 and is called an 1800 number. It is a normal number that is a subset of virtual number. It’s free from diallers end and the bill is paid by the receiver party. This helps the customer and the company simultaneously. The customer gets an easier way to clear out the last minute doubts or queries and company gains more traffic and conversion in the process. In order to improve your company performance, you need to know how to get a toll-free number in India.

How to get a toll-free number in India?

Getting a toll-free number in India is quick and easy process. In order to set up a toll-free, following steps are followed:

  1. Collect all the information – Before acquiring the service of a particular product, one has to know about the product in detail. It includes what it is, what it does, how is it useful for the person, how can it affect the business, how much does it cost etc.
  2. Find the right toll-free number provider – Among the numerous providers in the market, it is really tough to choose one. You should compare all the providers, their performance in the past few years, their offers and packages, their customer review report and many other things.
  3. Get Registered – The provider will help you with the registration. It’ll include all your detail regarding identity and toll-free number.
  4. Verify your account – Once registered, the company will check your details and other stuff to verify your account.
  5. Certificate submission – After verification, the user is supposed to submit Identity Card, Address Proof along with the approval of provider’s terms of services.
  6. Make the payment – Once all the certificates are checked and the terms are approved.
  7. Select your toll-free number – Selection of the toll-free number is also an important part since it represents the company. Moreover, it should be easy to dial and memorize.
  8. Add an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) – When toll-free number is linked with IVR system, it automatically directs the calls to the right department accordingly. This helps in managing the calls and keeping the customer happy since they get connected to the experts for resolving the problems.
  9. Select the call-forwarding number – Call-forwarding number here refers to the numbers you want the call to be transferred on. You can connect you toll-free number internally to multiple other numbers.
  10. Enjoy your service – After this, you’re done with the process of getting a toll-free number in India and you can freely enjoy the service afterwards.

Choose the right provider

You have to follow these steps in order to get a toll-free number. Knowlarity simplifies the process of getting a toll-free number in India and anywhere on earth. You don’t have to worry about managing stuff or anything. Knowlartiy helps you by handling all your calls on cloud 24/7.

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