Help to Helpline Number, by a Toll-Free Number

Help to Helpline Number, by a Toll-Free Number

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When you’re an emergency situation, who is the first person that you call? Is it your closest friend or a family member? The answer is none of them. You dial 100 for police and 102 for an ambulance. You call a helpline number.

As the name suggests, it is a number used by people when they are caught in an emergency situation. Easy to recall, these numbers are used for immediate actions and to provide help to those in need. Apart from the police and hospitals, a lot of NGOs, banks, fire stations etc. use helpline numbers to get connected with people quickly.

And what makes these helpline numbers even more convenient? The fact that these are toll-free in nature.

How are toll-free numbers helping helpline numbers?

A lot of businesses with national and international reach tend to opt for a toll-free number. It enables customers to connect with them, free of cost. This is just one of the benefits of a toll-free number for businesses, imagine what else can it do if you club it with a helpline number. 

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1.Location Tracking: When a person calls a helpline number, knowing the location of the victim is important so that the help can be provided as soon as possible. A toll-free number automatically detects the location of the caller and increases the pace of the process. 

2.Jurisdiction: In the absence of a toll-free or an IVR solution, the operator has to manually route the call to the correct person. It wastes crucial time which can be avoided using an automated system. Hence, a toll-free number with smart call routing is important. 

3.Easy to recall: In case of an emergency, it’s difficult to remember complex numbers. Therefore, small and easy to recall numbers are provided for an emergency. Every bit counts. 

4.Free of cost: You don’t need to worry about having a balance in your phone to make these calls. These are toll-free in nature. In fact, some of them can be made even without unlocking your phone. 

When in an emergency situation, always remember that not panicking is utmost important. Presence of mind and patience can help you get out of it. Make use of these helpline numbers and be safe!

Noor Bagga
Noor Bagga
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