How to do cost-effective marketing using automated outbound calling

Oct 19, 2021

Outbound calling services relay pre-recorded voice messages to customers using automated calling services. At any given time, it can be sent to an unlimited number of users. What are the possibilities for business automation? Is it limited to just delivering automated calling services and messages?

Outbound calling serves numerous purposes, including promoting business, scheduling appointments, addressing client outreach, guiding clients through the sales process, conducting surveys, sending product updates, and conducting event-oriented calls, political campaigns, event registration, obtaining two-factor authentication through voice calls.

Multi-level outbound automated calling service combines conventional voice messages with listener input in order to create a conversation with the listener. Multi-level OBD is the most popular for payment reminders, taking product/service feedback, and collecting votes. In contrast, single-level OBD with voice messages is more popular for product promotions, essential announcements, voice OTP, and transaction confirmations.

Moreover, outbound dialers offer a higher response rate and reach than SMS, as even semi-literate customers can respond to a call but cannot read and respond to an SMS, making it a popular communication channel for brands in rural areas. In one message, OBDs can convey more information than SMS campaigns because SMS messages have a character limit. Compared to SMSs, which only provide open rates, this is a more cost-effective and comprehensive method of reporting. Changing the messaging of the OBD campaign can be determined by using this data.

In contrast, combining SMS and OBD makes the campaign even more effective as SMS limitations are overcome, and both channels' audiences are effectively reached. In large campaigns, this is especially true.

Including a detailed analysis of the target audience and personalizing and localizing the message would also help ensure a successful OBD campaign. For the pre-recorded message, it is vital to have a clear intent and offer specific messaging instructions. Keep the message to 1-2 minutes.

Specific short-term goals and key performance indicators are essential to achieving your final objectives. By measuring KPIs, managers can assess the success of outbound call campaigns. The following standard metrics can be tracked for improved performance:

1. Average Call Handle Time ( Length of all Calls/ Total Number of Calls)

If you do not monitor the amount of time that your agents spend on calls, you may waste both time and effort. A high average handle time may indicate a lack of negotiation skills on the part of sales representatives and a need for customer service training.

2. Conversation Rate ( Number of Final Sales/ Total Number of Calls)

You can keep track of the conversion rate to determine if your call agents are generating new leads and closing deals efficiently. It is a dangerous sign when a sales representative has a low conversion rate, which means they aren't using their time productively.

3. First Call Resolution

Don't let your agents make endless calls to close a deal. Instead, try making it as efficient as you by maximizing first-call closures to save time and ensure your sales rep is capable of cracking the deal at first go with your potential clients. 4. Rate of occupancy (Total time spent on calls/Total time unavailable) Try to stay updated with your agent's productivity by monitoring their call occupancy rate. Your sales reps may need better training in closing deals in shorter periods.

5. Target The Right Audience

It's pointless to call blindly. Instead, you should have a tailor-made qualified leads list to make conversions happen. Prepare a customized pitch based on your prospect's purchase history, demographics, product preferences, and location. Sales agents can do this to build a genuine rapport with prospective clients and guide them through the sales pipeline.

Ensure you target the right audience segments by using the right technology. In order to close sales effectively, marketers use sophisticated CRM tools to gain access to essential customer data. Using an integrated CRM solution can boost outbound call processing times and give sales reps easy access to all vital info.

6. Craft The Perfect Sales Script

Using a formulated script for prospective customers can greatly benefit your outbound calling strategy. It provides sales representatives with ready-made blueprints for enhancing two-way communication and saying impactful words that make a positive impact.

Sales scripts should be concise and clear. Without being verbose or flowery, they should convey a clear message. You need to find the best words to engage your clients. To make the pitch more comfortable and familiar with your sales agents, include them in creating the script.

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