How to Get IVR Solution for Your Business

Sep 1, 2022

Business owners and executive heads often witness significant growth in the call volume as the business starts to grow. Not solving customer queries or not responding promptly to their issues usually leaves a negative impact on the brand and might even degrade the brand value. That is where the benefits of IVR come in. According to a report, the global Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system market was worth 4.1 billion USD in 2021. According to their projection, it will reach 6.6 billion USD by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 6.19 percent from 2022 to 2030.  

What is Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system?

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is an automated voice-based phone response system that we can use in enterprises to set up call center solutions. It has pre-recorded voice with an intelligence response mechanism that accepts incoming customer calls and provides brand-related information that might attend to customer queries.

IVR service costing reduces significantly with the advancement in technology. The solutions provided by modern providers like Knowlarity come with text-to-speech (TTS) technology and voice message service. Companies, whether large or small, can afford and leverage the automated features. When business sales are at their peak, enterprises and brands utilize the potential of IVR solutions to manage the increase in customer call volume. It helps customer care service significantly in reducing the customers hold time.  

Benefits of IVR solution

The benefits of IVR solutions are limitless. Enterprises can improve customer service using IVR by automating customer call receiving and query solving. Here are some of the most significant benefits businesses can enjoy by enabling IVR solutions.

  • Prioritizing potential customers: Enterprises can integrate IVR solutions with CRM systems. Now, these solutions intelligently prioritize potential customers to solve their queries. They also help redirect those calls to the most appropriate call center agent. Ultimately, businesses can improve customer service using IVR.

  • Enhance brand image: Enabling customer calls to get redirected to the right agent through interactive voice systems makes it efficient for the business to deliver customer care service effectively. With the help of IVR, callers can directly talk to experts and sort out their queries and doubts. Since customers do not have to wait for long, it ultimately increases brand image.

  • Generate business leads: Because of its 24x7 support and call recording features with TTS service, it becomes easy to identify potential customers for the business. It eventually helps increase business revenue and overall ROI.

How to get IVR Solution

How do you get IVR solutions for your business?

Enterprises can get an IVR system for their business without spending too much time looking for the best one. Just follow the steps mentioned here.

  1. Many IVR service providers are available in the market. The first step is to look for your preferred service provider based on reputation and trust, like Knowlarity. It delivers business-centric features and power-packed benefits of IVR solutions.
  2. Once the service provider is chosen, visit their official website to look for various features the IVR solution will provide. Also, check whether these features benefit your business in the long run.
  3. Choose a toll-free number for your business if you do not have one. Alternatively, the IVR service provider can integrate the IVR system into your business phone number.
  4. If the provider has multiple packages for IVR services, choose one according to your business requirement and budget. Make the payment. With IVR solutions, you will unlock an ocean of opportunities and deliver customer care service to an extraordinary number of customers.


We hope this article has given a crisp idea of how you can get an IVR solution for your business. This article also highlighted some considerable benefits of IVR solutions. If you are looking for an IVR solution provider, try Knowlarity. It is one of the best IVR solution providers to offer quality services at an affordable cost.

Written By:  Farha


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