How to Get Your CX High with a Virtual Number

Jan 15, 2022

In today's era, the customer is king, and leading businesses focus on improving the customer's experience while interacting with their goods and services. A positive customer experience (CX) promotes brand loyalty, helps a business retain its customers, and encourages positive word-of-mouth marketing amongst consumers. Virtual number providers offer a simple but effective solution for improving customer experience across multiple industries. A virtual mobile number India free does not have any physical phone line associated with it. Instead, these numbers are on the cloud and divert calls to a designated phone number.

Features of a Virtual Number Solution

Virtual number providers offer solutions with advanced features for improving the customer experience, which includes:

Call recording: Clients can record and analyze conversations on the virtual number solution, which they can use for agent training and understanding customer sentiment.

Secure and reliable: Knowlarity's virtual number solution ensures that private information is routed through the server with end-to-end encryption, thus eliminating cyber risks.

Scalable: Since virtual numbers are cloud-based solutions, they are usually offered through a "pay-as-you-use" model that allows businesses to scale operations while catering to incoming call volumes.

Connect to an IVR: Clients can answer a customer's query with an IVR's multi-level menu to directly connect them to the concerned department in a call centre. The menu can be offered in regional languages to enable multilingual support.

Call routing: Call routing optimizes the availability of call center executives, thereby reducing the customer wait time and improving agent utilization.

Virtual Number Benefits

Businesses that buy virtual numbers can look at multiple benefits, which include:

Single number for all customer needs: The customer must not remember multiple regional or local helpline numbers to reach a business. Additionally, they do not have to remember various internal departmental numbers. They require a single number that can route them to the concerned department when used in conjunction with an IVR solution.

Anytime access to customer support: Since a virtual number is not connected to any phone line, it enables a business to run customer support beyond office hours. Calls to the same business number can be forwarded to different numbers based on the time to ensure ongoing customer support. They can also be routed to the personal number of an agent if deemed necessary. Ultimately, a customer will always get access to support when in need.

Enhance privacy: Using number masking solutions, businesses can facilitate a seamless connection between the two on-call entities without disclosing phone numbers to each other. This finds application across multiple industries such as:

  • Ecommerce, third-party logistics, and last-mile delivery providers: Number masking solutions can allow delivery agents to contact their client's customers to coordinate order delivery anonymously.

  • Marketplaces: A platform that connects buyers and sellers in return for a fee employs a number masking solution so that buyers cannot directly contact sellers off the platform, leading to loss of sales. Similarly, sellers should not spam buyers unnecessarily, and hence, the solution offers buyers protection from such calls.

  • Transportation aggregators: Drivers registered with an aggregator can directly contact riders anonymously to coordinate pick up and vice versa.

  • Healthcare: While doctors need to connect with their patients remotely, they do not want their patients disturbed at odd hours. A secure conversation prevents this scenario.

If you want to buy a virtual number, look no further than Knowlarity. We are a cloud communication company, and leading companies use our solutions globally to collaborate, communicate, and increase ROI through executive insights that help improve business decisions. Knowlarity is trusted by more than 6000 enterprises located across more than 65 countries in multiple industries. We are also one of the leading virtual number providers in India. We help our clients realize the full potential of business communication. SMBs, start-ups, and enterprises can drive greater call management efficiency and scale-up without worrying about downtime or investment through automation and minimal investment. You can contact Knowlarity on our toll-free number 1800-1020-340 to talk to a customer representative.

Written By:  Aliya


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