Sep 20, 2021

Every business aims to maximise its customer conversion rate and expand the customer base. In today's highly competitive world, companies need the right technology to engage and retain customers. The Outbound contact center is one such solution that is helping organisations all over the UAE to promote their business.

An integral part of the distributed call center solution, an outbound call center, helps manage business communication seamlessly. It is easy to set up and enables you to connect with the customers quickly. A business can easily reach out to its customers, provide essential information, offer customer satisfaction with automated communication.

Businesses can contact their customers with outbound contact center solutions in the UAE with personalised calls and messages. The pre-recorded calls and instant messages can be quickly sent to a large number of people and inform them about the business activities. Let's discuss how the outbound call center is helping them in attracting more customers.

Massive Reach: The outbound contact center solution helps businesses reach out to many people simultaneously with a single tap. They can achieve a higher conversion rate by sending automated voice calls and SMS, inciting interest among the users; it increases the probability of more lead generation and a higher conversion rate.

Quick Customer feedback: One of the most significant advantages of an outbound call campaign is gaining instant feedback. By asking them simple questions with one-word answers- a yes or no, a business can immediately gain an insight into the customer's preferences. This feedback provides valuable information and enables an organisation to tweak its strategies to meet customers' evolving needs. It helps in customer engagement and retention.

Inform with optimized Outbound Campaigns- With automated outbound calls, a business can initiate multiple marketing campaigns – inform about product launches, special offers, provide updates and conduct polls to understand their customers better.

Personalised experience: A business can increase conversion rates by providing an enhanced customer experience. Automated calls in a human-like voice evoke the right emotions enabling the company to strike a chord with the users.

**Target International Markets: ** An outbound contact center is a great tool that helps the business expand their horizons and tap the potential in the foreign markets. The solution is cost-effective, which allows the company to gain insight into the people's preferences living overseas. They can customise their business strategy as per the demand and do business in the international markets. With surveys and polls, a company can understand the potential customers' mindset and derive the perfect strategy for product positioning.

Real-Time Information: The Outbound call solution is equipped to provide real-time updates on all the calls made by the agents. The analytics dashboard provides data about the outbound calling details with the call time, status, recordings, and a business can utilise this data for further analysis.

Interactive experience: A business can extend the capability of the outbound call center solution when integrated with other cloud communication technology such as the IVR. It can efficiently conduct surveys and get the customer's opinion providing an interactive user experience. It helps in engaging the customers and retaining them.

Better Conversations: When a large part of the marketing campaign is automated with automated updates and reminders, it helps the agents to focus on the critical task of nurturing the leads. With increased productivity, the agents can work toward improving the customer engagement and retention rate.

With a business in the UAE, you should improve business communication and increase customer engagement. An outbound contact center is an efficient tool that helps to manage communication. No traditional equipment is required as it is cloud-based. Whether it is an inbound call center or outbound call center, the solutions help connect with the customers 24x7 and resolve their queries at the earliest.

Knowlarity is a popular outbound contact center provider and serves thousands of businesses in the UAE, helping them have seamless communication with their customers from anywhere and at any time. The provider has earned the trust of more than 6000 businesses in the UAE. With its high-quality services and exceptional customer experience, it has become a leading cloud communication solution provider.

Reap the benefits of technologically advanced outbound call managed solutions and connect with your customers with scheduled calls and messages. Be a part of the cloud-based revolution and get your free 7-day trial. Transform how you communicate with your customers with the outbound call solution. For more information on the solution, feel free to visit

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