How to Leverage IVR for Increase in Sales and ROI

Feb 13, 2022

Technology has seen new developments in recent years, and new technologies are being constantly invented. One of the newest technologies is Interactive Voice Response or IVR, which helps provide different menu options for an individual, making it easier for them to interact with your call. With IVR, you can better tailor your calls depending on the type of customer calls.

What is IVR?

The IVR service can help businesses identify what problems the customer has. With the help of IVR, you can improve your call centre's performance, increase customer retention rates, and reduce the number of support calls you have to make.

IVR is a software system that lets companies take control of incoming calls. The purpose of IVR is to provide automatic voice recognition services for customers. When a person answers the phone, they are presented with a menu of options similar to the one on an app in smartphones. The menu guides them through an automated set of instructions or provides them with a company representative if required. IVR systems allow businesses to offer their customers effective and personal service. The IVR system is one of the essential components of any call centre. As call centre managers tend to process numerous calls every day, they need to know which numbers are routed through the IVR system and which ones are picked up by a human agent. An IVR system can also be used as an alternative to voicemail by giving customers options such as pressing 1 to reach the receptionist or pressing 2 if the call is urgent.

How Can Leveraging IVR Help Increase Sales and ROI

  • IVR is an effective way to communicate with customers more personally. A great way to use IVR is to segment your customers into groups with separate menus. For example, you might include three options for your customers: press 1 if it is an emergency, press two if you are having a problem, and press three if you would like information about a service or a product.

  • IVR options can also help you understand your customer's preferences. For example, most people do not like calling businesses because they feel they are bothering someone. They will be put on hold for several minutes before receiving any help from a representative. When a customer is presented with a list of options that they can choose from, they feel that they have control over the conversation. This can make your customers more likely to do business with you in the future.

  • IVR systems are also beneficial in terms of their cost-efficiency. You will not need additional employees to handle large call volumes. Additionally, you will not need additional hardware or equipment if you use an IVR system. Most businesses associate IVR systems with services such as banking and insurance companies since these transactions are typically handled over the phone. However, new generations prefer using technology and prefer using an app without having to speak to a representative instead of calling the business to resolve their issues. This service can impact your ability to compete. The best IVR service providers will provide consumers with a way to contact a business directly, talk to an employee, and get accurate and up-to-date information. IVR is a great way to streamline your business procedures and make it easier for consumers to interact with your company.

Although an IVR solution may seem like a complicated piece of technology, it can offer many benefits for your business. If you're looking to set up IVR for your business, there are plenty of IVR service providers in India. If you’re interested in expanding the customer service capabilities of your business, contact the professionals at Knowlarity and find out how they can help you create the perfect IVR solution for your business. With the emergence of new technologies and increasing competition within the industry, it has become essential for companies to increase their sales and ROI in order to survive. By knowing how to leverage a technology such as IVR, you will be able to provide better customer service and increase the sales and ROI for your company.

Written By:  Aliya


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