How To Measure Sales When Agents Are Working Remotely?

May 10, 2021

Businesses embracing new digital tools & cloud communication into their existing services has revolutionized the functioning of the entire workforce. The changing dynamics of the workforce are now dependent on three factors communication, collaboration, and connectivity. The result of which is the data generation & aggregation for business decisions. Companies now have the opportunity to consume those data to measure their sales performance and much more. This lands to the question: is it still possible when your agents are working remotely? The answer to it is yes, you can measure sales when your agents are working remotely. It only involves the utilization of the right tools and smart solutions to track operations and productivity to measure your sales.

Usage of the productivity tools enables the businesses to filter, organize and use the right data to measure their sales performance. Entering a phase of digital culture has helped various business verticals to monitor remote workforce and track their performance. This article will explore how remote sales metrics and cloud-based tools enable businesses to perform efficiently. The incorporation of Cloud telephony solutions enables businesses to track and record every data in real-time. The same can be applied when a remote team is working from different locations. As a result of which one can measure their ROI in a real-time basis via deep insights generated from Cloud Contact Center Analytics.

Cloud Contact Center Enables Sales Metrics to Retrieve Business Data

Knowlarity’s cloud contact center is a smart solution that has evolved the traditional call center into a flexible and mobile call center. Businesses have taken the leverage of letting the agents work remotely while they are connected via a single dashboard in real-time. This has created humongous opportunities for businesses to inculcate new norms of offering a streamlined customer experience.

Ways to Measure Sales When Remote Team is in Action

- Track Remote Team’s Performance

When a remote team is in action, every manager worries about their performance. That can be overcomed by Knowlarity’s smart solutions which aid in managing and monitoring the remote workforce in real-time. Configuring smart solutions like virtual number with a cloud contact center enables the manager to track every data and action based on total call volumes received, answered and missed by the agents. This can be achieved from a single dashboard that offers a secured individual login from a laptop/mobile. Through the dashboard you can access into call insights to measure your team’s daily performance in real time.

- Track and Identify Quality Leads

Lead generation from multiple channels can also be measured with Knowlarity’s smart solution. With a cloud contact center, one can easily convert their visitors into customers. The smart feature enables to measure and identify quality leads from every source. Based on this, remote agents can initiate outbound calls and SMS. Publishing a virtual number as the business number on the website will help to measure the traffic. It will also help to receive inbound calls which can also be measured on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Thus, measure the total inbound and outbound calls received to identify quality leads.

- Measure Outreach Activities

Businesses can easily measure outreach activities like marketing campaigns on a daily, weekly and monthly basis via smart tools. The managers can track the pipeline shared with the remote agents to keep a check on each marketing campaign’s performance. This creates the possibility of keeping an eye on the data received from the smart tool to measure the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns. This process will further help the team to work in a strategic manner to achieve better results.

- Call Record Feature Tracks Agents Every Conversation

Generally, when your agents are out of office space, you tend to find it difficult to track their calls. But that is possible with a virtual number in the implementation. You can easily hear every call recordings of your agents daily and that too in real-time. This will further help you commence them to perform better via remote training sessions as well. As a result of which their productivity will improve.

- Measure Sales Wrap-up Time

Knowlarity’s smart solution also enables you to track the amount of time spent by the agent on a single call. This will help you measure your sales wrap-up time, giving you insights on agents productivity. As a result of which, the remote team will be more diligent to get more conversions even if they are not in office space.

- Measure Total Conversion of Leads

When the remote team is working from different locations, the business can still measure the total lead conversion with Knowlarity’s super receptionist tool. The manager can always access the online dashboard to view the total leads conversion from the remote agents. This sales metric helps the business to measure its total conversion rate.

- Measure Total Revenue Generated

The outstanding feature of Knowlarity’s cloud-based solution is that businesses can measure their total revenue generation from different sources and remote agents in real-time. The online dashboard gives you the view and automatically generates reports daily, weekly, monthly to help to measure the total ROI. Companies can easily track and measure how effectively their remote team is working based on total revenue data.

The challenge of communication and collaboration when overcome in a remote workforce team via cloud-based solutions, every business can easily measure the touchpoints which lead to the outcome of activities done by agents (sales), eventually finding and measuring the sales.

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