How is Virtual Number beneficial in call management for Business Growth in UAE?

May 9, 2021

The UAE is a land of opportunities, and businesses can tap them with the right call management tools such as the Virtual Number at their disposal. Virtual number is an advanced product of cloud telephony that helps businesses to improve their growth prospects. The Virtual Phone number proves to be highly useful for organizations looking forward to achieving steady growth in their business.

Today businesses need advanced solutions that align with their business requirements and help them achieve their goals. The Virtual Phone number is one such solution that is helping businesses to grow, get more customers and increase their sales.

**Higher Conversion Rates: **A business directs its energy towards converting the maximum number of leads. Turning leads into customers becomes easier with the call management tool. Virtual numbers enable organizations to tap every business opportunity. Agents never miss a call as the business can track, record, and respond to the calls – not leaving even a single call unattended. When customers are promptly answered, their concerns are looked into – such an experience helps build loyalty and a higher conversion rate.

Protects identity: Though technological advancements have made our life easier and companies are using the latest tools to attract more customers, data privacy remains a significant concern. But with the Virtual numbers, users and data privacy remains intact. The solution masks the private numbers of the callers and the receivers. With privacy features in place, both agents and callers are confident in their conversations. The customers can voice their concerns and provide honest feedback, which becomes a guide to improve growth prospects for the company.

**Manage business 24x7: **Virtual phone numbers are not dependent on a particular phone. They are cloud-based, and so organisations can manage their business from anywhere and at any time. Forwarding calls to mobile numbers helps in efficient call management. Customers can always communicate with the company to get quick resolutions. With the virtual numbers and 24x7 availability of the business, they don't feel abandoned. Happy customers are always the foundation of a successful business, and this cloud-based solution helps achieve the same.

** In-depth Analytics: **To grow and ensure business continuity, organisations need to process information and use the data to make informed decisions. The solution offers in-depth insights with data analytics about the inbound calls. It provides detailed reports on the call campaigns and information about the callers, their demography, etc. This data proves to be useful; while creating targeted marketing campaigns. It helps get the best leads and offers an opportunity to attract many customers, which indicates a higher growth rate in the long run.

**Smart call routing: **a business can achieve the desired growth rate when it optimises, allocates its resources, and optimally uses them. This call management solution allows intelligent routing based on caller history and location. The callers are immediately redirected to the right agent to provide a highly satisfactory response to the callers with all the necessary details. Regional agents can give a better experience ensuring a high rate of satisfaction, which helps get more customers.

**Improve Sales: **The solution can be easily integrated with popular CRM software bringing together customers' data in a single place. With the ease of access to customer information, the sales team is highly informed of the customer journey and can improve their sales process. They can aim at better conversion rates and achieve a better customer engagement and retention rate.

VOIP and PSTN Calls: Businesses can explore foreign markets with dedicated virtual numbers that make it easy for prospective customers to contact the company effortlessly. The Virtual phone number solution supports VOIP and PSTN calls. It offers businesses an excellent opportunity to create a brand identity, and presence felt in the international markets. Expanding business beyond geographical boundaries is a strong indicator of business growth. Boost Productivity: The solution is embedded with advanced features such as auto keyword spotting, IVR automation, and sentiment analysis, helping the agents be highly productive. With the right tools, they can work efficiently towards achieving the goals of the organisation and put the business on a fast track.

Final Word;

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