Learn Everything About Click to Call Solutions and their Benefits and Features

May 18, 2022

The ease for customers to connect with the brand via a single call is considered one of the most impactful service touchpoints in the industry. The click-to-call solution enables customers to communicate with your business at the click of a button.

When customers can directly connect with a representative from the brand, it leads to higher trust and a positive impact on customers’ minds. People are more likely to call if there is a click-to-call button near the checkout page for any queries as it reduces the hassle of manually dialing the contact number. Businesses today are looking to simplify their basic operations to make them more efficient, thus increasing productivity.

Let us look at click to call benefits for your business:-

1. Increased conversion rates from visitors to customers. When any consumer visits your website and has some queries before purchasing the product, a click to call button will immediately connect the customer to a representative from your company. This dramatically increases the chances of customers making a purchase before leaving your website. When customers feel that the brand can be contacted easily, it generates more trust and better reviews leading to repeat customers and orders.

2. Customer segmentation. Customer queries can be channelised and segmented after analysis. The cloud telephony solutions platform can provide recommendations for follow-up with the customer. It can collect customer preferences regarding the best way to reach out – via text message, voice call or video call – to solve customer queries effectively.

3. Generate customer insights. All the various pages on the website can be tracked and insights generated based on real-time data. Businesses can tweak those pages with low interaction and conversation rates. A click to call button on low conversion pages can lead to more enquiries and increased sales and revenue from that webpage.

Click to Call

4. Plan campaigns. The company’s representatives can inform customers about current sales campaigns and the brand’s latest offerings. They can record customer queries and common concerns to fast track their resolution.

5. Quality monitoring. The customer representative calls can be recorded for quality and training purposes. Continual training and upskilling can enhance customer support and satisfaction. Senior management can gauge the quality and relevance of these interactions based on an analysis of call recordings.

6. Reduced wait times. Customers calling on the click-to-call solution will be automatically routed to the next available representative, thus reducing wait times. IVR Technology can be employed to better route calls based on the type of query and service required.

A seamless user experience on the website can fuel higher conversion rates from casual visitors to paying customers. Click-to-call service has now emerged as a proven solution for generating higher customer conversions. Higher quality of service will also lead to greater customer satisfaction and repeat customers.

Cloud telephony-based solutions can be easily scalable without having to invest in expensive hardware and maintenance services. The click-to-call service can be integrated with customer relationship management tools to employ analytics for a better understanding of customer requirements.

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Written By:  Aakanksha


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