How cloud telephony can make your business trips even better

May 20, 2021

The internet invention has transformed many aspects of our lives and that includes business travel as well. Today’s business traveler wants to stay connected to their applications to ensure maximum productivity on the move.

Cloud telephony could lead to easier and safer access to data you need while on the road. Being compatible with all devices such as mobiles, smartphones, and desktops, cloud telephony helps you always stay connected with a simple internet connection.

In times when telephone connectivity is a necessity for personal as well as professional needs, cloud telephony serves as a luxury to those who travel a lot. Graced with some of the most advanced features, it assures a brilliant voice quality. Frequent flyers are often struggling with the ever-rising travel fares and phone bills add more to their misery. With so much on offer, cloud telephony is nothing less than a lifesaver for them. Here are the reasons why a frequent flyer must choose cloud telephony service.

1) Manage Multiple Numbers with One

Most of the business owners and employees are likely to have nearly three phone numbers to deal with their personal mobile phone, official extension and home phone. All of these have their own importance and needs.

When you fly, the mobile phone might be with you but carrying office phone or home phone might not be a convenient option. Cloud Telephony allows directing the incoming calls on different numbers to one number. So, you can receive all your calls with just one phone. You can even get the calls for different branches on the same number. This makes traveling easy and convenient.

2) Forget Your Operator Rules

Different network operators in different countries have different rules for using their services in different countries. Some offer high-end price variations for calls that can heighten the billings and some have network restrictions that can completely elude you from using phone services. Managing with these rules is usually a bitter experience for most travelers. Things can go even nastier when the destination you are traveling to is unknown to you.

Cloud telephony is simple with the rules. You just need an internet connection on the device with the softphone installed to use this service.

3) No Big Bites on the Pocket

Traditional telephone connections are known for their ability to invite heart attacks for the users with high bills during roaming. But cloud telephone does not care if you are enjoying holidays in Bahamas, or sitting in your office chair. It simply kills the roaming factors and the additional call charges are not existent. Plus, the calls to any extension on the network always remain free.

4) Fax Machine in Your Pocket

Fax is important lubrication for smooth business operations and while you travel the world, the fax goes out of reach. This might cause some delay (or even loss) in the business opportunities. Cloud telephony is a solution for that as well. Cloud telephony offers a feature called ‘Internet Fax’, which can configure all the faxes to reach your email inbox as a PDF file. So, you can access fax from your smartphones or laptops.

5) Instant Recording and Reports

When you are traveling and someone shares any important detail with you, but you are not in the situation to note that down, then hosted telephony can come in handy. Your calls are safely recorded and monitoring them is usually easy. The reports of all the calls made on VoIP network can be instantly prepared to analyze the performance of different employees. Needless to mention, these features can be used without any geographical restrictions i.e. even when you are traveling.

Wrapping Up

Common features such as call forwarding, call transfer and call conferencing are available with cloud telephony. However, some of the features mentioned above might not be on offer with certain VoIP services, but still they can beat the traditional phone services by a great margin. The convenience and cost efficiency is the biggest advantage on offer with cloud telephony.

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