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June 23, 2022

In the present times, people are super busy and all of us are running out of time. Now, to manage all this and to work more in less time, technology needs to keep on improving to help us meet these demands. When it comes to the business world, every second counts and thus, they are using the technology the best way possible. By combining technology with business, cloud telephony services are leaping ahead of others. One of the smartest solutions for cloud-based telephony companies is Missed Call Services.

Missed call services come with SMS alerts that help businesses of all sizes to keep their customers updated about many business objectives without investing much time. These are among the most popular cloud telephony services all across the planet and help SMBs and large organizations to bring in more business in the form of more customers.

Missed call services are indeed one of the solutions to get more customers to a business. But what is important here for you is to understand the service, its benefits, and how it can help you in attracting a larger audience. Let’s Start!

Missed Call Services

A missed call service is referred to as a cloud telephony service where you allow your customers to connect with your business by giving a missed call. This is a convenient way for the audience to reach a brand without spending a single penny. The company will have a log of all the numbers which are used for contacting them back.

This service comes with an SMS alert feature, where when a customer gives a missed call, the call will disconnect automatically after a ring or two and they will receive an SMS alert depending upon the purpose of the missed call.

Use Cases of Missed Call Services

Opt-in or Opt-out Services – Missed call solutions are widely used by multiple businesses for opt-in and opt-out services. Customers can give a missed call on the provided number for opting in for a particular service of the company and the same can be done for opting out of service as well.

  • Voting & Contests – These services are being best used by the television industry for voting & contests. Depending upon the number of missed calls received, the results are declared.

  • Community Support – Missed call services are also being used for showing your support to a community by giving a miss call.

  • User Registration – You can register for certain services easily by sending them a registration link after receiving a missed call from them.

  • User Verification – For verifying your details, businesses might have asked you to give a missed call from your registered phone number. This is one more use case of missed call services.

  • After understanding all the basics of the service, let’s move on to understand how it can help in getting more customers to your business.

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Get Missed Call Alert Service – Get more Customers

Listed below are some of the most compelling features of missed call services that can help enhance your customer base with fewer efforts:

Time Optimization

A lot of customers back out because they don’t want to be involved in filling up super long forms and invest their valuable time. You can now save your potential customers from this pain and ask them to give a missed call instead.

Your business representatives can call them back to understand their needs and this way you can save many disappointed customers. Missed call solutions give them an easy to connect with your agents without investing time & money. This way a business can cater to huge volumes of the potential audience.

Every Customer Counts

Missed call services are counted better than SMS services concerning customer reaching ability. Be it a small-town farmer using a basic phone or an owner of a business using a Smartphone, or a user having a landline connection, anybody can utilize your missed call services. Also, as it’s completely free, it doesn’t bother anyone to do so.

SMS services will have a barrier between you and the customers using landlines or basic phones. This gets eliminated with the missed call services and enables you to reach more potential customers.


It’s hard to believe but the number of landline users in our country is still huge and reaching out to these customers is a tough job for the majority of the businesses. As in this generation of Smartphones, finding out services that can let your landline and basic phone users connect with you is super vital. Missed call solution benefits here as well by enabling your non-Smartphone customers to reach you by just placing a missed call and without spending a single penny.


There are no charges that need to be paid by the customers for placing a missed call. On the other hand, for SMS-based services, customers have to bear the SMS charges, which is not a pocket-friendly option for a lot of customers.

Cost-effectiveness makes it easy for the customers to reach the company for inquiries, interests, feedback, and others and also attracts more potential customers.

It is needless to say how missed call service is important for business and how much it can help a brand grow. It is highly recommended to get a missed call alert service from the top cloud telephony providers and one such name is Knowlarity.

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Written By:  Manna Khare


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