How can you optimize your marketing campaigns using missed call service?

Oct 18, 2021

Before planning a marketing campaign with a missed call service provider, you need to understand how it works. Let us explore the steps in detail.

A successful marketing campaign is all about thinking outside the box. Therefore, it is crucial that you create an impact so that you can enjoy high ROI without spending a fortune.

Instead of relying on run-of-the-mill strategies, creative ideas and unique tools are the only ways to achieve this. Both creative and unique, a missed call number is a complete marketing strategy on its own.

Therefore, it isn't surprising that missed call service providers are becoming a top choice for businesses that want to go the extra mile with customer outreach. You are empowered to connect and communicate with customers and keep them engaged for a long time. Moreover, it meets expectations and keeps the customer happy without causing an empty wallet.

The simplicity of missed call solutions makes them a favorite among customers and businesses alike.

As part of the campaign promotion, companies advertise a phone number, and interested customers leave missed calls. The business can then share updates, promotions, or brand messages with the caller via an IVR call or automated SMS. In addition to boosting brand awareness, this process creates data for the business.

There's a lot that goes into a typical missed call campaign, even though it may seem straightforward. So before investing in one, it makes sense to do your research. Here is a detailed look at how missed call number campaigns work--their benefits, value, implementation, etc.

The workings of missed call number campaigns

Choose a virtual number:

In order to run your marketing campaign effectively, you have to select the right provider and obtain a virtual number. Then, you can advertise the number on company websites, social media platforms, billboards, print ads, etc., after you set it up.

Get incoming leads:

You can't just promote your number across outreach channels. Having attractive offers will engage customers and generate leads. Callers, for example, may receive a special discount. In addition, customers will be attracted to this solution since it is free and convenient.

Fetch customer data in a dashboard:

Knowlarity will create a smart dashboard to compile caller data. In the dashboard, details such as a consumer's phone number, region, and operator are stored automatically when they call the campaign number. When integrated with CRM software, the solution can provide deep insights into demographics and consumer behavior.


Missed call campaigns provide valuable data that a company can use for remarketing activities, including sending updates about new products, discounts, or upcoming events. Additionally, bulk SMS services and voice calls can be used to communicate the same.

Benefits of missed call marketing

Let's now talk about the benefits of this investment since you now understand how these campaigns are set up and implemented.

Boosts operational efficiency:

IVRs integrated with missed call solutions offer a high level of operational efficiency. You can reduce wait time and provide instant gratification to callers thanks to this integration.

Enhances customer service:

Customer service is improved when operations are more efficient. Customers are bound to be happier when they receive automated SMSes or IVR calls that address their queries quickly.

Lowers marketing costs:

Missed call campaigns cost a fraction of the price of other marketing measures. You have to pay even for the hold time of the toll-free numbers, which isn't the case with this alternative.

Brings quality leads:

Your conversion rate will increase when you use missed call solution. In addition, the campaign generates interest without being intrusive.

Integrates seamlessly with CRMs:

CRM systems integrate missed call numbers seamlessly so that you can get complete information using easy-to-use dashboards. With this technology, agents have access to details and history about a caller before the connection is made so that they can provide a more personalized experience.

Boosts agent productivity:

This solution makes it easier to get the most out of your support team. In addition, there is no usage cap on missed call alerts, so your agents will never miss a call.

The investment has many more benefits besides the ones listed above. Due to the fact that the service is free, customers will be more willing to interact with your company.

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