The Complete Guide To Phone Number Masking

Jun 4, 2022

Customers are the most valuable asset of a business. It is the uttermost priority of any business owner to value their customers and keep them happy not only with their products or services but by making them feel secure as well.

Whenever a customer decides to hire services/products from a business, they share a lot of personal information with the brand. The biggest among all these is their phone numbers. Being a business owner, it is your responsibility to keep the customers' trust intact and secure their contact numbers with needed privacy and security.

Mobile numbers are considered a sensitive piece of information and also have great potential to be misused. In turn to the immense trust of the customer, the business needs to do everything possible to safeguard such important data. This is where the number masking services come to play.

Defining Number Masking

Masking of numbers is an advanced-level data protection technique that makes sure to safeguard the privacy of the customer’s contact number. These solutions not only provide safety to their customer’s contact numbers but do the same for their agents as well.

As its name implies, masking or covering one phone number with another is number masking. A cloud-based environment helps perform this. Since the masking of the original number is taking place with another number, there are zero chances of a data breach.

Such services are implemented for seamless communication between the business representatives and customers without hampering their data privacy. Both the on-call entities are in safe hands if connected using a number masking solution.

Working of Number Masking Solutions

The working of this kind of solution differs across varying platforms and also depends on your service provider. However, the basic working structure of these solutions is the same in all the cases.

In normal circumstances, when someone books a cab and gives a call to the cab driver for sharing their exact location, communication gets established as a normal one where both the parties can get the contact number of each other. Here, neither the customer nor the cab driver gets security for their personal information.

Now let’s take the same situation after the company get number masking solution.

  • Person A books a cab from location X to Y. The cab company has integrated a phone number masking service in their application.
  • A makes a call to the Cab Driver (P) using the application integrated with the number masking service, which works on the concept of cloud telephony.
  • The cloud-based proxy server will get this call from A, instead of connecting it directly to P.
  • This proxy server will now mask A’s mobile number. Proxy is going to mask the phone number of P as well.
  • P’s phone starts ringing with a masked number.

So, this is how the customer’s and the cab driver’s personal information can be kept private by using the number masking services. Now, when the customer calls the cab driver or vice versa, the original phone numbers of both parties will not be disclosed to the other one.

Phone Number Masking

Why Number Masking?

Customer and agent data privacy is a major reason why any business should go with such solutions. But it has other superb benefits as well that can also help your business with improved market reach and enhanced ROIs. The list of reasons why to get a number masking solution is long. Let's discuss a few of them here:

Customer Data Security – The security and privacy of the customers' and representatives’ phone numbers is something that no organization should ignore. Number masking is taking control of this issue completely. This makes it the first and the most important reason to invest in.

Building Customer Trust – Customer safety and trust should be a primary thing for any company. Masking phone numbers make it easy for them to trust your brand and feel comfortable connecting with your business.

Tracking & Monitoring of Calls – Number masking services also helps in recording, tracking, and monitoring calls. The cloud server records all the incoming and outgoing calls between the customers and the agents. This gives a good amount of data for quality testing, data analysis, and training purposes as well.

Enhanced Customer Experience – These masking solutions can offer a great user experience to the customers of any business. This makes it easy for the customers to have smooth & seamless communication for inquiries, support, and others.

Where Can I Get Number Masking Solution For My Business?

When hiring any cloud communication services, it is better to go with one of the most innovative brands like Knowlarity. The number masking services offered by Knowlarity provide much more than just masking numbers.

Knowlarity focuses on establishing good terms with our customers by letting them have great relationships with their audiences. We want companies partnering with us to understand the true potential of cloud communications and implement it for improved ROI.

Any business can reach out to us for our number masking services. In case of more information, you can look for our product page on our website or contact us via call.

Written By:  Aakanksha


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