Things You Should Know Before Switching to Cloud Telephony

Feb 13, 2022

There's a massive demand for the best cloud telephony service. This smart communication technology is taking center stage, and more and more companies are rethinking their business strategies and getting cloud-based communication solutions to enhance productivity and boost sales.

Cloud telephony providers in India allow Indian companies to thrive and succeed in a competitive marketplace with Cloud Telephony solutions. Let's find out the crucial things you need to know before introducing Cloud Telephony into your business operations.

Types of Cloud Telephony-

Cloud Contact Center: it is a cloud-based contact center solution that helps manage business communication easily and offers better CX with in-depth insights into customer data.

Virtual Number- A virtual number is a cloud-based number that routes incoming calls to the available agents and instantly connects them to the company. You can get this and other services from cloud telephony providers in India.

IVR Solution: With pre-recorded personalized messages and multi-level menus, the callers are provided with an automated communication system. They are guided to the correct option in the menus that helps them to solve their queries faster.

Number Masking: It is one of the preferred cloud telephony solutions provided by the best cloud telephony service providers in India. It hides the identity of the customers and the agents.

Lead Management: The software automates the lead generation process based on customer inputs. It helps the sales team to nurture the best leads and get a higher conversion rate.

Missed Call: It allows customers to give a missed call to the business, and the company can get back to the caller to strengthen business prospects.

Toll-free number: A cloud-based contact number enables the customers to call the business free of cost. Moreover, it is easy to recall, and callers can quickly get in touch with a company.

Automated Outbound Calling: It is a computerized voice recorded message that plays when a business receives a call without human intervention.

Click-to-Call: This cloud telephony solution makes it effortless for the caller to get in touch with a business by simply clicking on the strategically placed widget. The company can get back to speak to its potential business opportunity.

MPLS: The softphone landing solution enables callers to make voice or internet calls using the internet. They need to depend on mobile phones or landline phones to make a call in poor connectivity areas. It offers customers a simple solution to instantly connect with a business.

Virtual Mobile Number CLI: The calling Line Identity is a solution that enables a business to make outbound calls displaying the ten-digit mobile number. It helps increase the call-pick-up ratio and thereby get more opportunities to streamline the lead generation process.

WebRTC: It refers to Real-Time Communications, and it is an ideal solution for small and mid-sized businesses. It allows communication between two web browsers for making inbound/ outbound calls on different devices. It enables file sharing with VPN access with no plugins.

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Benefits of Cloud Telephony

Easy-set-up: No Capex investment required with no significant expenses. The solution is relatively easy to use and set up. Cloud telephony service providers in India are offering it at an attractive process. So, get in touch with the cloud telephony providers in India and transform how your business communicates.

Accessibility: Since the solution is cloud-based, it gives a company the flexibility to manage the business from anywhere and at any time.

Reduced cost: Cloud Telephony solutions are cost-efficient and provide users with a high ROI. All organisations- Small enterprises, mid-size businesses, and large corporations can use the solution to boost sales and increase profitability.

Increased operational efficiency: Cloud Telephony solutions such as Virtual Number, Toll-free Number, IVR, and others offer better operational efficiency. So, they can engage and retain customers successfully and drive business growth. With a streamlined business communication process, a business can efficiently utilize resources and improve agents' productivity.

Better Security: One of the significant benefits of cloud Telephony is enhanced security. With cloud telephony, the data is secure and managed by India's best cloud telephony service providers.

The entire security process and risk mitigation are dealt with by the service providers who have experts to keep the data secure. Moreover, they always keep themselves updated on the latest development and sync the systems to protect high security at all times.


Cloud Telephony is indeed reshaping business communication and providing several advantages. If you need the best cloud telephony service, you need not look beyond Knowlarity. It is a leading cloud telephony service provider in India assisting many organisations in reaping the benefits of cloud telephony.

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