Are SMEs Betting Big On Cloud Communications?

June 14, 2021

What’s more challenging than SMEs competing with their larger counterparts in the big bad world of business? Most businesses have their communication services and technology managements usually ‘fitted around’ other activities with no real monitoring or control over it; the changing nature of the workforce tends to be the predominant factor in adopting the right kind of communication technology solution.

Thanks to the increasing penetration of cloud communications in the market, ‘One size doesn’t fit all’ goes completely untrue with micro, small and medium-sized firms adopting the smart tech solution – cloud-based unified communications, a real blessing in disguise for small enterprises to streamline their business operations and appear ‘bigger’ than they actually are!

The biggest rise is set to occur with Digital Market Asia reports suggesting that cloud communication platforms are breathing a new life in the space of emerging businesses with a growth rate of 150-200 percent annually. To leverage this thought further, IDC (International Data Corporation) reports call for some interesting findings – the cloud communications market will grow from a global revenue of USD 123.4 million in 2013 to USD 7.5 billion in 2018, i.e. 127.5 percent compound annual growth rate. Astonishing, isn’t it?

Cloud’s annual growth rates are a clear implication of a power-packed solution being treasured into this technology, and unfortunately, not known to many! In tune with the industry estimates, nearly 35% of SMEs fail to understand the benefits of cloud communications, and hence, are not completely embracing the technology the way it should be!

A decade ago, SMEs were deliberately looking out for providers offering state-of-the-art communications technology with an ability to cope with technological changes at a fraction of the cost. Today, many SMEs based out of metropolis still believe that they cannot afford cloud services; reaping the benefits of cloud-based communications would mean being willing to splurge a hundred million dollars.

Small businesses in India operate in sparse environments with limited resources. The adoption of cloud-based communications at affordable costs will speed up the implementation process giving SMEs an edge to achieve global competitiveness. There are some factors that maximise the value of the cloud, making it a must for SMEs to determine their position in the market. Here’s how the top operational benefits of a virtual call center setup can steer small enterprises in the right business direction!

‘Pay as you go’ Model

By and large, cloud is the one-stop solution for SMEs, especially when it comes to opting for a cost-effective technology adoption. Businesses can conveniently replace the traditional PBX systems ‘need to pay’ model with cloud’s ‘need now’ concept of paying only for what they require – a smart initiative by cloud’s cost-cutting technology solution.

Feature Rich

The cloud offers an array of user-friendly features like voicemail, advanced email, automated IVR system, notification alert, automatic call routing, call insights, email reports etc., to strengthen the call mechanism and ensure quick customer responsiveness by projecting a feeling of customer-centricity.

Power to Collaborate

The power to collaborate through audio and video conferencing enhances the dynamics of cloud technology. Cloud-based communications support collaboration through a powerful conferencing tool to connect individuals across locations by simultaneously transforming the platform into a medium for virtual business communication.

Reliability and Scalability

SMEs are bound to scale and so should their phone systems. With cloud communications, reliable and scalable communication systems are taken care of. Cloud technology offers reliable back-end support and allows SMEs to scale the technology by quickly adding features without disturbing the IT department.


Cloud-based communications empower workers with the ability to communicate with co-workers or customers without physically moving locations; just as if they were present right at their desk. How convenient?

Damage Control

Small businesses need a phone system that is up and running 24/7 to beat the competition and stay connected to potential and existing customers by offering round-the-clock service. When businesses fail to foresee an unexpected situation, the cloud will continue to shield the enterprise through its enriched offerings like voicemail, SMS, automated attendants, etc., to keep customers informed or updated about the inconvenience caused.

Increased Efficiency Through Transfer of Ownership

With the cloud, SMEs can make the most of this solution to shift focus from resolving basic technology issues to generating more leads, enabling smart business strategies, and increasing revenues.

In the best interest of SMEs and micro-firms to compete with the big boys in the global market, the benefits of cloud communications need to be outspoken! It’s a choice that businesses have to make. Not making a paradigm shift towards cloud, could therefore be a decision leaving them behind with no scope for growth!

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