From Telephone to Telephony, a Hello is a Constant!

Nov 21, 2019

How rarely do you come across a conversation that doesn’t start with hello?

‘Hey’, ‘hello’, ‘hi’, ‘hola’, ‘ciao’, ‘salut!’

Same words, same emotions, just different languages.

Be it an interview, a romantic date or a business conversation between a client and a company – no interaction can begin without this word.

This World Hello Day, let’s dive deep into the history of this word.


‘Hello’ as a peace symbol

A word as small as ‘Hello’ was considered a great tool to bring world peace during wars. It was believed that a simple message if conveyed right, holds a lot of power.

This belief gave birth to World Hello Day.

Hello is just a start to a conversation. But what really helps the conversation flow?

The Rise of Smart Communication Channels

As witnessed in Game of Thrones, ravens were used to send across messages in the past. Soon, mankind was introduced to a device called telephone, because of which people would eventually stand in long queues to make a single (and very expensive) STD calls. Not much after that, mobile phones came into existence and initiated the evolution of different ‘smart’ channels of communication like Cloud Telephony.

However, all these devices served the same purpose – ensure a smooth, barrier-free communication. What is the first thing you look for when you want to talk to a business? A business phone number. (Because let’s face it, we all hate email as much as White Walkers)

Why is Cloud telephony required by Businesses?

When a business creates its website and other marketing collaterals, the first thing visible on the top is a phone number. It is a common stop to get all the relevant information without a glitch.

Cloud telephony providers like Knowlarity, help in smoothening business communication by managing businesses’ their increasing volume of phone calls and integrating the data from those phone calls with their CRMs, helpdesks, and mobile apps.

How Cloud Telephony Solutions are Helping Business Communication?

From a startup to a well-established business, most of them are already using cloud telephony for their business communication or are planning to be on the map. It serves as a channel to personally connect with existing or potential customers in a cost-effective manner.

Services like toll-free number and missed call solutions offer a free outreach to customers for connecting with businesses. Most of the IVR solutions come with call recording features, which ensure that no customer call is missed. Smart integration with CRM just smoothens the process and help in drawing insights, ultimately helping businesses to strategize better.

Are Cloud Telephony Solutions The Next Big Thing?

Artificial Intelligence enabled Cloud Telephony solutions are eventually becoming the need of every business to carry out their communication. Text-to-speech, advanced speech recognition, automated keyword spotting, regional language IVR are some of the features that are making it the most sought-out technology solution to get a hand on.

With so many more solutions coming under the umbrella of Cloud Telephony, it is revolutionizing the way a business communication is carried out. To know more about how these solutions work and what is in store if you make use of them, feel free to visit our website!

For men may come and men may go, a hello goes on forever. A big hello from the team is coming your way. Stay tuned to our social media to find out!

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