Toll free no – a need for every company

June 26, 2021

Toll Free Numbers are the virtual numbers a company adopts, to lure people to contact them without the consumers having to pay for the charges. In other words, the subscriber of the toll free no bears the expenses of the call he receives. It is always in the form 1800-XYZ-ABCD, where the alphabets are variable numbers for the company.

What are the benefits of a toll-free no?

Easy to remember: You can select your numerics for a toll-free no as they vary from company to company. Usually, companies choose easy to remember digits so that even one glance of a prospective consumer on that number may turn into a lead generating tool. A fast-food company may use 1800-999-8888 as its toll-free no as it is easy to remember.

Free for your consumers: If you are subscribing to a toll-free number, you bear the charges of those who call you. Is it not something that will lure people to call you even more? Imagine you are a firm, with a toll-free number. You will attract customers into calling you because they don’t have to pay anything! You bear all the costs of the calls.

Directs calls to live agents: The best part of a toll free no is that the nearest or the most suitable agent attend the call. That means no busy dial tone to the callers!

An aspect of a virtual number: Since toll free numbers are a branch of the virtual number, they obtain all the benefits of a virtual number as well. So, the real numbers of agents don’t need to be displayed. Thus, a toll free no would automatically act as a virtual number, too!

Which departments can use a toll free no?


Food Delivery Companies, Courier Facilities or Online Shopping Forums – they all have a logistics departments to track their shipment/order. The fastest way to get through to a person at a distance is phone calls. A toll free no provide the consumers of such forums to tracks their orders without having to pay for every call they make.

Customer Care

Network Operators, Restaurants, Online Forums – as per the Consumer Protection Act 1982, all companies have to satisfy their consumers. If something is unsatisfactory, there should be grievance cells, reimbursements or exchanges. But this all needs to be let out somewhere. This is why there are customer care departments for such companies who can use toll free nos so that consumers don’t hesitate to demand their rights and the company can grow.


Product-based companies or service providers, they all need to do some marketing. But for consumers to reach them to purchase the product or service, there needs to be a platform or means. They can use a toll free no to attract more customers to reach out to the company and purchase what they like.

If we look through the article, we can say that every company needs a toll-free number because at least one of the departments mentioned above exists in each company, if not all – even in a sole proprietorship! Get your toll-free number today!

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