Toll-free Number Vs. Local Number - Which is the best for my business?

Sep 15, 2021

The Toll-free Number vs. local number debate is gaining prominence as the former technology has proved disruptive in the business landscape. The Toll-free Number is a cloud communication technology that offers smart communication solutions and is becoming quite popular with businesses across different industries. Its comparison with the traditional phone system of the Local Number is inevitable.

Let's discuss how they work and which is a better option – the Toll-free Number or the local Number.

Toll-free Number: It is a cloud-based technology; it is a telephone number with distinct three-digit codes followed by unique six-digit numbers. The callers/ customers do not have to pay for the calls made to the business. No charges apply for the callers, and they can connect with a company without spending a single rupee. Usually starting with codes such as 800, 833, 844, 855, they are easy to recall. The business is charged for both the inbound and outbound calls, which is cost-efficient for the company.

What is a Local number?

The local number is associated with a particular location and is a traditional phone system that does not offer benefits other than placing a call. The operator call rates apply to the local number. When the customers call the business, they have to pay the applicable charges levied by the operators. So, it's not a free number as the caller bears the costs.

Toll-free Number Vs. Local Number


The Toll-free software helps get a large number of leads as more and more callers are encouraged to call the business - to know about a new/existing product or get answers to their queries if they are using the product/ service offered by the company. Maybe they have feedback that they can share about the experience they had with the company. Businesses can nurture these leads and get more customers. There's nothing as such possible with the local number.

Brand Value:

The toll-free numbers are easy-to-recall to recall, and a business can use the same number at multi-touchpoint campaigns. So, it makes it effortless for the customers to remember the number and instantly call the company. In contrast, the local numbers are difficult to recall and prove to be a pain point for the customers.

Customer Satisfaction:

The software offers higher customer satisfaction as callers do not have to pay anything to communicate with the business. While the local number is not free, the caller/customers must pay for the calls made. The cost affects the quality and length of the conversation as the customer prefers to hang up quickly to prevent the price from escalating with each minute/ second. It leads to low customer satisfaction.

Effectively Track Marketing Campaigns:

With the toll-free number solution, a business can create polls and surveys and instantly get customer feedback. They can easily track the marketing campaigns and optimise them to yield the desired results. There's no such facility available with the local numbers as they are limited to making calls only.

24x7 Availability:

The Toll-free software allows a business to be available 24x7 even after business hours. The local number availability is restricted to business hours, and the customer has to wait until the company resumes its operation during working hours and business days. Round-the-clock Availability is a crucial distinction in the Toll-free Number Vs. Local Number debate.

Other Benefits:

The Toll-free solution is embedded with several features such as the IVR, Call Recording, and Call routing feature. There's no such feature available with the local numbers. When a small organisation gets the toll-free solution, it can make the organisation appear larger in the customer's eyes. Moreover, it helps the SMEs create a professional image and makes a lasting impression on the callers' minds. The software proves to be a small yet significant step towards business growth as perceptions, and other factors, play a crucial role in expanding the business.


With the above-discussed points, now readers can get clarity on the Toll-free Number Vs. local number. It is clear now that the former proves to be a better option in the debate. Using the Toll-free Number for business communication offers several advantages to organisations. Its essential businesses adopt the latest technologies with robust cloud telephony solutions.

Moreover, it is necessary to keep pace with the latest technology in a highly competitive business world as it improves business prospects considerably.

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