Top 6 Reasons Why Businesses Prefer Missed Call Solutions

Mar 30, 2022

For enterprises to win a larger market segment in a highly competitive marketplace, they must work smartly. Consequently, they often seek quick and cost-effective communication solutions to effortlessly connect and engage with their target audience. A missed call solution is an effective marketing methodology to communicate directly with customers/ potential buyers, render personalised services, and capture customer information to generate qualified leads that convert into business.

A missed call solution seamlessly integrates with existing communication systems like SMS, IVR, or email at no additional cost. Often, an SMS is sent out to acknowledge the inquiry. Alternatively, it is paired with an IVR for market survey, sharing customised content with the target audience, registration, and feedback to drive actionable insights that improve the organisation's bottom line.

Benefits of Missed Call Solution

Reason#1: Qualified Lead Generation

Regardless of the business size, a missed call solution significantly improves the marketing campaign effectiveness through quality lead generation as the prospect's details are obtained in real-time for engagement. By using a virtual phone number in their communication campaigns, organisations or brands can effortlessly encourage their audience to connect with them, especially when the audience is calling from a remote location that is deprived of the internet.

Reason#2: Increase Market Reach

A missed call is free for the targeted audience, but for companies or brands, it leverages the opportunity to obtain feedback from potential buyers and customers. To increase brand awareness during promotions, a missed call SMS campaign that contains a toll-free number proves to be effective at winning audience’s interest.

Reason#3: Opt-in/Opt-out Confirmation

For organisations to render customised services or products and prevent legal hassle for Do-Not-Disturb (DND) numbers, a missed call solution works like magic!

Businesses can effectively save effort and time in pursuing their targeted audience for conversion by offering them opt-in/opt-out choices during their marketing campaigns. Opt-ins confirm zero spam registration, while opt-out verifies the customers’ interest and intent on the offered products or services.

Reason#4: Improve Efficiency of Outbound Calling Campaigns

To promote products or services, organisations can transmit action-oriented messages to their target audience by pairing a missed call solution with their outbound marketing campaigns.

Reason#5: Improve Marketing Campaign Interactivity

A missed call is a smart way to obtain customer feedback for services and products while simultaneously sharing information on new launches. Furthermore, organisations can compare the performance of all their services/products through the gathered customer feedback.

Reason#6: Seamless Integration with Analytic tools

A missed call solution easily integrates with custom analytics tools like Google Analytics and any popular CRM software. With this reporting interface, businesses can easily capture and analyse the insights derived from each user’s journey. The analytics dashboard tracks caller trends and campaigns’ performance to drive useful business insights, which eventually enhances a marketing campaign’s success rate.

Use Cases

Let us now understand how the benefits of a missed call solution can be leveraged in real-life situations.

Existing Numbers Integration

A missed call can integrate with several types of phone numbers, such as toll-free numbers, direct inward dialling numbers, and virtual mobile numbers. Hence, businesses can integrate their current communication channels with this solution to launch marketing campaigns that educate, connect, and engage with targeted audiences for desired actionable outcomes.

Live Outbound/Inbound Call Reports

Outbound/inbound contact centres can easily monitor their agents’ performances by analysing live reports from the analytics dashboard. Similarly, brands can consistently monitor their campaigns’ performance and improvise it for better outcomes.

Smart Call-routing

Automatic call-routing significantly improves the user’s journey by reducing call wait time and with a prompt response.

Automated Messages

Businesses can cost-effectively integrate this solution with their email or social media campaigns to send custom, automated messages to potential buyers.

Manage Multiple Missed Calls

For greater reach and faster lead conversion, marketers can instantly call back the enquirer, as this solution allows multiple missed calls to be re-connected with the caller in a few seconds.
Sounds interesting, and now you need a custom solution for your business?

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A missed call solution is extremely impactful when paired with other marketing tactics like outbound calls, email campaigns, SMS, and IVR. Businesses or brands can depend on this highly reliable solution for driving intended action for their targeted audience while improving engagement rate.

Written By:  Aakanksha


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