Understanding Softphone Software and its uses for businesses in 2022

March 15, 2022

Offering a constant communication line to customers is significant for businesses because the former can contact you regarding support or sales at any time of the day. Promising 24/7 availability could be tricky in current times, where the world is embracing remote work culture because of the COVID-19 scare.

You don't have to worry if you invest in softphone technology. It allows brands to offer outstanding voice support without making a huge investment. In addition, your marketing and sales teams will be able to carry out their tasks from wherever they are comfortable. This leads to improved sales growth, optimal performance, and high customer satisfaction.

Here’s a guide that will tell you what a softphone is, how this technology works, followed by its features, benefits and employability for businesses.

What is a softphone?

A softphone, a software-based phone, allows its users to place calls over an internet connection. It eliminates the need of designated physical hardware, as you can easily install it on desktops and mobile devices. In short, softphones let you make calls from your comfort zone and cut operational costs to a large extent.

How does softphone technology work?

Softphones use voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology to place phone calls without needing traditional hardware. Basic requirements that softphone technology demands are a device with high-speed internet connections, a speaker, and a microphone. That’s it!

Analog voice signals get converted into digital ones when a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) server initiates VoIP sessions in real-time.

And you just need to download your VoIP provider’s softphone app on your devices and follow some easy instructions to make and receive calls.

Features in Softphone Solutions

Call Control: Queuing incoming calls with mute, hold and warm transfer along with voicemail features during customer wait times ensure greater customer satisfaction on the business customer service.

Real-time dashboard: Interactions with customers can be viewed on a real-time dashboard. Businesses can get data-driven insights on customer interactions with the business.

Call Recording and Metrics: Agents and supervisors can access the call recordings to measure the individual or team's performance. This can also help train the agents for better service to the customers. Custom filters to measure customer satisfaction and agent performance can be used to improve productivity.

Call Termination: All inbound calls from customers can be terminated on the SR/UI panel from any device. Calls can also happen on the Internet or PSTN call lines.

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Let's move forward to the benefits of the softphone software that will change your business and help in maximising profitability.

1. Better CX:

A better CX is important as it helps attract more customers and makes the referral program successful. By offering better customer experiences, a business can expand its customer base and increase its profitability. The softphone for businesses provides excellent voice quality- HD voice quality to the customers using the internet. It offers a pleasant customer experience as customers can express themselves clearly without any noise pollution. Seamless connectivity with no call drops provides customers with an enhanced experience.

Moreover, using the WebRTC and MPLs and the same contact center features, the agents can offer better customer experiences. Next, businesses can also take over the conversation to ensure that customers get the highest satisfaction with the real-time dashboard. The company can view the discussions in real-time to call, whisper, barge, or snoop to improve the customer experience. It is a great feature that helps pacify dissatisfied customers and ensure their retention. In addition to using the real-time dashboard, businesses have complete control of the call control feature. Companies can queue the calls with mute, hold, warm transfer, queue call back and use the voicemail features to ensure a better CX. It's essential to focus on customer service as it decides the company's success. So, the solution proves to help increase profitability.

2. Cost-effective:

The Softphone solution providers offer the product at competitive prices. Moreover, the pricing is flexible and does not require a heavy investment. The solution can be easily set up and ready for use within a few minutes with a minimal cost. The ease with which businesses can set up the solution and the cost-efficiency make it an apt solution for the remote workforce. There's no infrastructure dependency because the calls are made using the internet –an application that companies can easily install on laptops, PCs, and mobile devices. So, businesses do not require setting up a vast IT infrastructure – it enables them to set up a remote workforce that can efficiently work, and companies can manage them with equal efficacy. The scalable solution offers businesses the freedom to scale the operations up and down as per the requirement.

3. Secure connectivity:

Businesses can easily manage the call operations with a softphone for business. With the softphone solution, calls can take place either on the internet or PSTN, so both the options are available, and companies can choose as per their requirement. The agents can call the business via secured VPN access, and therefore companies can prevent identity theft and data breaches.

4. Improved workforce productivity:

The agents can seamlessly carry on the business communication and softphone termination with great ease. They have greater control over the communication process. They can terminate all the inbound customer calls on the SR/ UI panel from the desktop and laptop. In addition to this, companies can measure agent productivity with the call recording feature. Businesses can record the conversation between the agents and the customers. It can analyse the data and provide the agents with the best training to improve their performance.

5. Call center metrics:

Businesses should know the performance of their call operations- the quality of the conversation, the agents' productivity, and the customer satisfaction level. All these insights guide the business to make informed decisions. They can make the correct decision regarding improving the customer service, choosing the best training for the employees, and imparting the required skill sets that will help them offer a better CX. This solution is available with the softphone solutions in India. The software provides call center metrics. Businesses can use the custom filters to measure customer satisfaction, and companies can know if they are on the right track –whether they are meeting the customers' requirements.

The solution is perfect for many companies, and they can use the softphone solution for the business via the inbound call center with click-to-call. It is a real-time-based calling widget that enables customers to get in touch with the company effortlessly. Industries such as the BFSI can resolve customer queries with greater efficiency. Web communication that ensures seamless connectivity and HD voice quality enhances caller experience.

How to choose the best softphone solution provider?

Choosing a reliable softphone solutions India provider with a proven track record is essential. The emphasis should be on the reliability of the software provider and the quality of the software. Focus on the embedded features to derive the maximum advantage of technology. Look into the elements and the pricing that the solution provider offers, making client communication a highly cost-effective and efficient process using the softphone software. Get the traditional phone features, enhanced capability of the advanced software, and the trust of the softphone solutions India.

Who needs a Softphone?

As discussed above, the softphone solution is cost-effective and does not require heavy investment or Capex requirements. Small and mid-size businesses can easily manage their call operations efficiently. It would be best to get the software to streamline business communication and get the advanced features of the cloud contact center software. The amalgamation of different technologies and the various features make it a perfect solution for all types of workforce-onsite, hybrid and remote.

What makes Softphone software extremely popular amongst businesses in 2022?

1. Secure Connectivity – Softphones prevent unauthorized access within the business ecosystem. Call operations via softphones can be enabled via secure VPN access to prevent any backdoor entries.

2. Increased Productivity –Softphones enable the workforce for seamless business communication. Calls can be placed from any device connected to the internet via laptop, mobile, and even through desktops, leading to zero infrastructure dependencies for the business.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience – Customers experience better voice quality to customers via the internet and offer seamless connectivity from any device. Softphone ensures that customer queries can get resolved 24*7, leading to quicker resolutions and reduced wait times.

4. Reduced costs – The business experiences reduced costs after moving to an affordable channel for communication. There is flexible pricing with very little to no investment required on upgrading infrastructure. This leads to reduced costs for business and achieving higher customer engagement simultaneously.

5. Scalable - Softphone for business is an easily scalable solution as the business expands.


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