Click-to-Call Solutions: Why Should You Use It?

November 21, 2016

Ever gone through the trouble of copying and pasting a number from the web on to your clipboard and dialling it? Or worse: It’s from your laptop that you need to note down the digits in your phone. Never got it right the first time, did you? Here’s a way to avoid such hassles you face while dialling a number on the web.

Click to Call solutions refers to the ability to click a phone number you see online and make a call directly without having to copy-paste it or note it down. It’s just a tap that you require to get connected to the concerned person.

On the business side, you can route calls from specific campaigns to specific offices, making life less demanding and more proficient for your inward group. You can abstain from exchanging prospects around the workplace, and rather, they’ll reach the concerned team that can support them immediately.

Let’s have a look at some of its perks-


Since most webpage visitors make use of their smartphones to scan for services and products, a site outfitted with the click-to-call catch is destined to get telephone calls from potential customers. The click-to-call catch exploits the client’s requirement for comfort. With this use of this feature, they can, without much of a stretch, place a call to learn more about the products and services they’re interested in. Also, there are no plugins needed, nothing to download or install. You’re good to go with just a tap.


Click to Call solutions provides you with ways to intelligently segment your customers. It helps you define strategies of how and when you can engage with the different segments of the customers. Intelligent engagement rules let you recommend a text talk, a voice call, or even a video session to a client at a key point in their journey. How you offer contact to your clients relies upon how they’ve cooperated with you.


Click-to-call solutions ensure a decent conversion rate. Because of the features illustrated in the first point, usage of click-to-call is well on the way. In other cases, as those of asking queries via Emails, etc., users usually get frustrated as they cannot get answers to their questions and end up abandoning the website. With Click to Call solutions incorporated, leads can be converted into purchases.


The more data your operators have, the more efficiently they can take care of issues. Click-to-call solutions give operators key data from the client’s web session. They can see the pages they’re on and in addition, any CRM Integrate or login subtle elements.

They can even share the client’s perspective of the site. Certainly, you might know individuals who grumble about having to, more than once, tell specialists about the problems they’re facing. The setting around a web call gives your specialists a chance to better comprehend clients. Operators are now used to voice calls. From their point of view, this is the same, however with devices to make their lives less demanding. You can even utilize similar announcing, directing, and lines as existing inbound calls.


The context around a web call or click to call lets your agents better understand customers, without having to interrogate them. Click to Call goes about as a bridge between the offline and online situations and guarantees that anyplace a client can go over a product, there will dependably be an approach to benefit a client for nothing out of his pocket!

The Click to Call offers real-time tangible results. Once in place, you can immediately start getting calls from your customers and make their customer experience exceed their customer expectations.

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