How are Virtual numbers transforming customer service for large enterprises?

Oct 18, 2021

A virtual number is a phone number without a direct connection to a telephone line. Through a virtual number, you can route calls to any member of your team who can take calls on the devices you choose.

A virtual phone number has no real connection to a landline or SIM card, unlike traditional numbers. Instead, inbound gateways have the primary objective of providing multiple inbound lines through a single interface.

Virtual numbers are handy for businesses serving a wide variety of customers locally and internationally. Companies can benefit from complete business phone services while shouldering all the hardware, management, and maintenance costs at a much lower price.

Their service offerings have grown steadily since introducing a virtual phone number in the business. As a result, your business and your customers can benefit from virtual numbers' standard and advanced features.

Do not let your customers call another number in case of a call transfer. You should instead direct the call to the right team member using your phone number. Then, when an incoming call comes in, you pick it up, transfer it to another extension in the office, and so on.

Collaborate with department heads as well. You can, for instance, add a new connection - your manager, supervisor, or another customer service agent - to a two-way call to make it into a three-way conference call.

With automation rules, you can change on the fly to help your customers reach the right agent. With features such as simultaneous ringing and call forwarding, you can determine which team member receives the call. Use features like 'follow me' while on the road so that calls are forwarded to you. You can also set up screening rules to deliver only essential calls, and less important ones are sent to voicemail.

Let your customers use voicemail when you or your customer service representatives are out of the office or unable to answer their calls. Upon registration, you will receive an email with the link, and you can access it from anywhere. While your agent is attending to other clients, queue up the incoming calls while being listened to.The first customer in line should be visited first, then the one following the beginning, and so on.

If your supervisors or managers need to enter a conference bridge during a call, give them the ability to do so. You can distribute incoming calls to different agents or departments of your company based on predefined conditions and ensure that your customers are never left unattended.

Take business decisions based on data and optimize your customer service process. To track the performance of your customer support team, you can analyze call volume, duration, routing, missed calls percent, and more.

Customers should never hang up when their lines are busy. Please don't make them listen to your annoying engaged tone. You may need to customize your messages, services, or products to keep them active.

Boost productivity by integrating your virtual number with the most commonly used applications in your business. Your sales will soar, and your profits will soar. Virtual numbers offer these features by default. Additionally, you can utilize functionalities such as click-to-call, IVR, caller ID, call flip, call recording, and more. However, this may change depending on the service provider you choose to invest in.

You should set up your virtual number for several reasons to be successful and keep track of your customers.

If you answer calls only during local business hours, time zones can complicate services to national and international clients. Check to see what chances there are that you have missed calls. Your brand not only suffers a loss of money but also suffers a tarnishing of reputation. On the contrary, a virtual number lets you route the calls to an IVR, voicemail, or call center without any additional charges to the customer.

You are less likely to do business with your customers if you don't have an address or a toll-free number. In any of your locations where you provide service for your clients, a virtual number can be used as a local number, and you can thus establish a local presence for your business. It also enables customers to trust you.

Customers will never be waiting for a customer representative to answer their calls when you use virtual numbers. Any incoming call can be routed to any member of your team without ever telling the customer.

It is possible to work remotely with virtual numbers. Virtual numbers have the obvious benefit of allowing remote work.

Additional advantages include:

Delivering more personalized customer service. Reducing the number of dropped calls. Increasing the productivity of the team. Furthermore, virtual phone numbers are more cost-effective than traditional phone infrastructure.

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