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Mar 29, 2022

To increase connectivity during the pandemic, many businesses have started using virtual phone numbers in India. These numbers allow businesses to stay in touch with their clientele and create a much-needed divide between an agent’s personal and professional lives by separating their regular phone lines.

In this article, we are going to discuss what virtual numbers are and how they can benefit businesses.

What Are Virtual Phone Numbers?

Traditionally, phone numbers are associated with a particular physical device, either a mobile or fixed-line phone. You must use these devices to dial numbers or receive calls. So, the user has to decide which device they want to use for this phone number.

Unlike typical numbers, virtual phone numbers are not limited to any location or device. However, you can still use these cloud-based numbers to make and receive calls. Users can also configure their virtual number in India for any specific and dedicated device. This makes virtual phone numbers useful for businesses.

Benefits of Virtual Phone Numbers for Businesses

1. No Requirement for Separate Phone

One of the biggest advantages of virtual phone numbers is that you do not need to buy an additional smartphone to buy a new SIM. In just a matter of minutes, you can use these virtual phone numbers from your mobile, laptop, or any other smart device. This allows businesses to lower costs and carry on their operations hassle-free.

2. Take Calls from Any Location

As virtual numbers are not limited to any location and device, you can accept calls from anywhere. Businesses can take the number as their toll-free number and your clients or customers will become able to call you from anywhere without even realising that they are calling a virtual number of India. This feature can enhance team efficiency as well.

3. Direct Flexible Calling

DID or direct inward call can help you direct incoming calls to any specific calling agent or team member. Moreover, if several services are associated with your business, you can redirect the calls to the desired and right service provider. This feature can enhance customer satisfaction and is considered the most practical way to reach customers. Whenever any customer calls you, they can get appropriate and required service timely.

4. No Missed Call

Now your incoming calls will never be unanswered. You will always have someone to answer the phone calls through virtual phone numbers. The virtual phone number is configured so that whenever someone calls the phone, the phone of multiple employees will ring up, and multiple employees will get the opportunity to pick up the call. So, if you will not be able to pick up the call, there will always be someone to do it on your behalf.

5. Be Omnipresent and Increased Conversion Rate

The business calls can now be managed easily from anywhere, and the calls can be forwarded to agents or business managers. Moreover, inbound and outbound calls can provide better engagement opportunities. As a result, the conversion rate can be increased.

Virtual phone numbers are getting popular due to the features offered by these numbers, and they include:

  • Call Recording
  • Call Routing
  • Concurrent Calls
  • IVR
  • International Numbers
  • Multi-Lingual Support

These cloud-based numbers are integrated with the CRM, and as a result, you can get several metrics that can indeed make the business reachable.

Final Words

Virtual numbers are like the original numbers and not assigned to any particular device so that they can be accessed through any device and location. The numbers can also hide the identity of the caller and receiver as they mostly remain masked.

The benefits of virtual number India include voice recording during the call and call forwarding and diverting while using the phone. You can connect with the cloud telephony virtual number providers to avail of the service now!

Written By:  Aakanksha


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