How Voice Search And Assistance Has Changed Search Patterns?

June 17, 2019

A lot of talks is on about the use of voice assistants, and whether websites must be made compliant to voice searches or not. In this regard, it’s essential to discuss this need, whether it’s essential, or just a passing wave, which will soon be replaced by something new.

Voice assistants

Voice assistants are much popular these days globally. Initially, not many people thought or believed that they would be so much potential, interest, and engagement. Over time, the various voice assistants that were brought to the market by the different manufacturers took over. Their popularity and the surge in use grew with time. People started gradually realising their importance.

Some started using them out of sheer curiosity. Some just wanted to experiment and find out how much more pace can be gained in the daily task management etc. through the use of these gadgets and the technology. Eventually, people realised globally, and many are still in the process of recognizing that voice assistants have their roles to play for you. However, there are things to understand about this technology. How is it for you? Who can make the best use of it? And how the new websites or existing ones need to be ready for voice search to gain compliance with these devices and the technology.

Who should be using voice assistants?

If your little school-going boy asks for a voice assistant, would you be buying one for him? Or if your employee at office asks you for one, then should you invest in one? Well, these questions are not lame. The answers to these tell you very well if a virtual assistant is actually required in their cases, and where exactly it is required.

The schoolboy is not that burdened with household and professional life chores to need advice and assistance from the assistant at present. Books and the usual internet-based devices like the tab, smartphone or computer, are enough to give him enough support according to his average pace of life.

But the office employee struggles to complete his daily chores at home, office, and outside world. Many of the jobs are missed due to forgetfulness, lack of time, time and job management, fatigue and exhaustion and many other reasons. Hence the office worker definitely can be provided with a virtual assistant to make working easier. The assistant would be guiding the person in any step, providing solutions, answers, completing tasks, giving reminders, calling people for him/her, playing alarms and songs, etc., and whatnot. Therefore to keep up with the pace of the mechanically active life, and try to complete all tasks in a systematic pattern, a virtual assistant is an excellent gadget with superior technology for a professional person.

Some people need voice assistance all through

You already know now who should ideally be using a voice assistant. It’s not that students and homemakers don’t need it. It depends on the amount, load, and responsibilities on you, your time and task management capacity, and how you handle your day to day life and memory.

But for some people, a voice assistant is a precious thing. For people who are visually challenged, physically challenged, operate a smartphone, computer or type too much. In short, to avoid too much typing and get the best response and solution through speech only, there is nothing better than a voice assistant in today’s technology. Now you have to understand how much it’s going to affect your website and its online marketing factors.

Websites being made with voice search compliance

Sites these days are made to be voice assistant and voice search compliant. The main reasons behind this are, many people who are habituated with voice search with their smartphones or tablets want to give this the first try. Also, many people who are exclusively habituated with their voice assistants primarily depends on the voice search factor only to get an answer.

Does your website need this feature?

If you go for advice on a digital marketing services expert, you will get different answers. Some are biased to add this feature to any new or old site while some are sceptical. Some want to wait and watch for some more time with the plain logic that the global percentage of voice searching is not that high. Therefore, when marketing experts all over are not serious about implementing the technology immediately, you also can take your time to evaluate your site type and the requirement.

Check it again

Some websites need this feature immediately as soon as possible. While some can wait, and some don’t need to rush. For instance, if you have a local service and a website to represent that. If people in your area are not using voice assistants or such searches frequently and usually. Then you may wait for some months or years to get this technology accessible in the area. Till that time there is no use wasting money to add this feature to the site which would rarely get used. And in the meantime technology may evolve too.

If you still are made to believe that your website needs this, you must take it seriously, and consult the top players in online marketing by picking some. The more you ask and get your site traffic, and competitor site traffics evaluated, you would have a better understanding of this. If you get to know that your competitors are getting the right amount of site traffic from voice searches, then you can call it off as the time to add this feature to your site soon. Else you may wait and watch.


Voice searching is a boon by technology to humankind. You can relieve your fingers and hands and can communicate with a voice assistant verbally. This has created a lot of conveniences, and it would be interesting to watch how this technology evolves and gets better with time.

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