Ways to Ensure Privacy Using Outbound Calling Solution

Nov 22, 2021

How to Secure Data Using Outbound Calling Solution

An outbound calling solution helps organizations make calls to their customers or prospects on behalf of their business. Outbound call agents can call for various reasons like customer support, sales, fundraising, and survey research. They differ from inbound call centers, which are based only on receiving calls. Outbound call centers are automated calling services that usually employ cloud-based software designed to help businesses actively interact with customers.

Here are the top security concerns that should be addressed:

Ensure that only authorized personnel has access to confidential information.
Ensure the privacy of information like contact information, social security numbers, credit card information, call data, transcripts, etc.
Integration with third-party systems without compromising security and privacy.

So how do the businesses ensure privacy in outgoing call solutions?

Using call masking service

Privacy is one of the challenges for customers/prospects in outbound calling. Number masking or call masking service allows businesses to facilitate a secure conversation between their employees and the customers. This feature is helpful to prevent any unauthorized conversation or misuse of personal information.

For instance, the request gets automatically transferred to the call center’s server when a customer initiates a call. The customer’s number gets mapped with a temporary virtual number at the server. The call is then forwarded to the company agent with the assigned virtual number ID. So the call gets patched between the agent and the customer without revealing the customer’s actual number. So this method provides security to the customer and the business, ensuring maximum privacy on both ends. Number masking keeps all the transactions secure to control the communication and prevent any possible frauds.

Use multiple layers of protection

Besides encrypting a customer’s information, it’s also essential to encrypt data sent between agents or customers via email. By having layered security on emails and other customer information, you can safeguard against the following:
Ensuring the email cannot be intercepted.

Unauthorized access from someone within the contact center.

Using cloud-based phone systems

Cloud-based phone systems have helped to increase the security of confidential information through web security. When people work remotely, end-to-end security is essential for customer and employee privacy. Cloud call center solutions are audited routinely to avoid unwanted data breaches.

Cloud solutions offer the greatest benefit of enhanced security. For example, hybrid cloud solutions give an organization the way of securing sensitive data in a private cloud at a reduced cost. Besides this, cloud solutions provide stronger disaster recovery functions than traditional methods.

Benefits of Cloud-based outgoing solution

Cloud-based call centers require no investment and can be deployed in just a few hours. They help businesses handle customer calls according to the changing needs while providing parameters that improve agent performance.

The benefits of a cloud call center include:

  • Increased flexibility in terms of access to new features and ease of adding users in recent locations.
  • Implementing an on-premise call center often takes months to complete, while cloud call center deployments are generally completed in weeks as it doesn’t require hardware installation.
  • Cloud-based call centers enable CRM integration to leverage data for enhanced customer service.
  • Provide better reporting and analytics by providing in-depth data about the agent-customer conversation.


So outbound call center software helps outbound call centers to streamline their calling process with solutions like auto-dialers, call recording and logging, call monitoring, and real-time tracking. It makes it easy to reach out to a large number of customers in less time.

If you want to enhance your customer support workflow and set up an outbound call software for your business, Knowlarity provides this and various solutions for your business telephone needs. Knowlarity is a cloud communication platform that helps to provide outbound software solution needs cost-effectively.

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