What are Automated Phone Calls and How to Make an Automated Phone Call?

July 7, 2022

An automated phone call delivers a prerecorded message to the customer. You can schedule a call, record a message, and send it to as many people as you like at any time. Automated phone calls are very versatile; we can use them for follow-ups, feedback, event-based calls, call blasts, and reminders.

What is an Automated Calling System?

An automated calling system, better known by the name IVR (Interactive Voice Response), gives callers the opportunity to access information through a voice-enabled response system of pre-recorded messages. This ensures that the callers do not have to go through the process of interacting with an agent.

An IVR software that is well-designed can help build customer satisfaction and improve KPIs and customer center operations.

Businesses can reach out to thousands of leads with a simple pre-recorded voicemail message. In addition, automated phone calls allow them to send a reminder or emergency message to their whole contact list, including team members.

Automated phone calls for business also help enterprises provide appropriate messages to callers seeking assistance from customer service representatives.

How to Make Automate Phone Calls

  • Set up Your Contacts

Upload an Excel spreadsheet to produce your member list. You can also manually input your contacts. The required message gets delivered to the enlisted members at any time.

  • Create your Recorded Message

You may record your message over the voicemail or use an existing recording.

  • Send your Automated Calls

Choose who to call and when to schedule a call.

Benefits of Automated Call Systems

  • Optimise Target Audience

Launch new products using automated calls and SMS to reach your target audience effortlessly.

  • Improved ROI

Keep your consumers informed about new offers, products, and services, leading to an increased ROI.

  • Easy to Set Up and Activate

Integrate your existing CRM software with a plug-and-play solution.

  • TRAI Compliance

The automated outbound calling system ensures TRAI compliance, regardless of your business's location.

  • Cost-Saving

You can save money on outbound calling while providing your customers with global service, thanks to unlimited calling and reasonable rates. Automated answering decreases the time spent by agents on a call, thereby lowering costs.

Automated Phone Calls

What are the Prices of Automated Call Systems?

Automated call systems are cost-effective solutions that don't require hardware or software installations. Depending on the provider, a basic plan starts at Rs 1999 per month.

Why do Businesses Use Automated Calling Systems?

  • Improves Employee Efficiency

On days when the volume of call traffic is high, an automated calling system allows agents to focus on calls that demand customised assistance. The automated system allows a business to not just filter the simpler queries from the complex ones, but ensures that every level of customer requirement gets fulfilled without the agents having to overstretch themselves.

  • Provides Information Efficiently

Using an automated system, a client may find shop hours or locations. An automated phone system can identify callers based on caller ID, which a company can analyse later to determine which consumers call after hours or how many times a person tries to reach the business. The cloud solutions platform This simple analysis allows an enterprise to identify potential leads.

  • Processes Payments

An automated phone system processes payments over the phone. The caller provides the address and phone number to verify an account, and the system responds with the due balance. The caller inputs credit card details and confirms payment. Automatic payment and verification save company effort and time.

  • Call Recordings for Training Employees

An automated calling system allows you to optimise the number of calls made each day and record those calls. The recorded calls, in turn, become a goldmine of learning points for employees. Besides improving the training modules, the recorded calls give you an insight into areas currently missing from your outbound call script.


Automated calling systems save money and time by enabling an enterprise to make thousands of calls and answer client requests without involving human interaction or engaging the service of a human resource. The agents can focus on resolving more complex queries, while the easy-to-resolve issues are handled by the IVR efficiently.

Written By:  Farha


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