What Do You Mean By The Cloud Solution For Call Center And How Does Cloud Contact Center Work

Apr 18, 2022

A Cloud Contact Center is a facility that manages a company’s inbound and outgoing customer communications. It is a software system that provides a comprehensive set of tools and applications that enable you to provide exceptional customer support across many channels like email, call, and SMS. For decades, Cloud Telephony software relied solely on the telephone to resolve consumer issues. While this is still an effective means of client communication, additional channels have evolved as a critical component of the customer experience.

Since around 2012, social media has emerged as a significant choice for customer service. It’s now a universal impulse to openly criticise a product or service. These venomous social media rants harm brands and can spiral out of control if left handled. Cloud Contact Center requires a faster solution to reply to consumer problems as social customer care expanded into a public help forum. Organisations that brag about their organisational performance are now being slammed for botched client journeys in the press.

Cloud Contact Center agents address customer complaints and reply using advanced tools. These solutions, in particular, deliver officially branded touchpoints safely via social media APIs. As a result, Cloud Telephony improves customer satisfaction regardless of where the consumer requires assistance. Many businesses run a contact center as a separate entity to manage client requests via multiple channels. Contact Center Solution is used in such departments to manage inbound and outbound customer communications. Contact Center Solutions available today include:

  • Integration of data with helpdesk, CRM, and marketing tools.
  • Case analytics and reports, as well as quality management and self-service.
  • Customer engagement tools for executives that use process automation to reduce call traffic.

What is the operation of a cloud contact center?

A Cloud Telephony Solutions is a comprehensive set of tools and applications that functions as a centralised hub operates over the internet, and enables virtual or remote contact center agents to handle all inbound and outbound customer interactions via various modes. Contact Center Solution gives enterprises different capabilities and addresses their communication difficulties with their consumers like connecting through calls and messages, intelligent call routing, agent management, and analytics.

A Contact Centre Solution typically operates in the following ways:

You can use Knowlarity’s cloud contact center solution to integrate omnichannel and provide intuitive dashboards for your Cloud Contact Center.

Step 1: Cloud Telephony involves integrating various communication routes. Integrate multiple channels into one system so that agents may communicate with clients in various ways. Contact Centre Solution provides enhanced call routing.

Step 2: Call-routing technology that is advanced and complex. Provide call routing so that consumers and clients can speak with a skilled agent. Contact Center Solution allows you to manage agents.

Cloud Call Center Solution

Step 3: Management of Agents You can expertly manage agents using digital interaction recording, quality and performance management, and other tools. Automation and Analytics can help you streamline your cloud contact center.

Step 4: Automate and analyse your workflow. By integrating business analytics and dynamic reporting, you can make data-driven decisions to help your company grow. Connect other corporate systems without interruption, aggregate data, provide complete performance views, and automate procedures.

Step 5: Obtaining access to user-friendly dashboards and in-depth analytics. It allows managers to see and evaluate data like agent idle time, consumer wait time, and average duration to guarantee that contact centers are optimised.


With Knowlarity’s robust solutions, you can streamline your process and communicate with your consumers on their preferred channel by providing a tailored journey. Get Contact Center Solution and reach out to more customers with benefits such as:

  • Platform with Multiple Channels: All communication channels are housed on a single platform.
  • CRM Compatibility: All significant CRMs are supported.
  • Safe and dependable: Providing organisations with enterprise-grade security.
  • Scalable: Extend your business on an intelligent technological platform with no constraints.
  • Cloud Telephony Solutions are always available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to better serve businesses.
  • Deployment is faster and easier. You can have a fully functional call center up and running in only a few hours. Configure IVR, phone numbers, and other features in real-time.
  • Increase Leads and Customer Service: Integrating with CRM allows you to personalise customer interactions.

With Cloud Telephony Solutions, our agents can work from anywhere and connect with customers when they need them the most. Partner with us, and we’ll help you grow and evolve!

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Written By:  Aakanksha


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