What Is a Toll-Free Number? How Do I Call on a Toll-Free Number

May 9, 2022

Effective communication with customers ensures continued growth for businesses. In the age of social media marketing, where businesses are present on all social media platforms, a company must have a toll-free number enabling consumers to have direct contact with them. Toll-free numbers especially come into the picture when customers want to quickly resolve an issue and seek human insight or help in their interactions. Also, people are most likely to call on toll-free numbers if they are not charged for it. As most businesses incur the charges themselves, this has become a precedent. Read on to know more as we answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) like 'What Is Toll-Free Number?', And 'How Do I Call on a Toll-Free Number?'

What Is a Toll-Free Number?

Toll-free numbers are telephone numbers with distinct three-digit codes, mostly belonging to businesses or customer service These numbers are dialled from landlines or cell phones and incur no charges. Such numbers cater mainly to businesses out of your area, so customers have a seamless experience interacting with companies or businesses in different regions. If these toll-free numbers are text-enabled, customers can send text messages, to which companies can reply quickly. People can also leave their queries, register complaints, get clarity on services, pricing, information on products, and much more by using a toll-free number.

In the initial stages of your business, you may not need a toll-free number, but as your company expands and adds new departments and branches, you will need a mechanism that can answer all your clients’ needs. A toll-free number can help resolve issues efficiently. For instance, the person calling the toll-free number, in this case, your company, will not be charged. But you, as the owner of the number, will be billed for both incoming and outgoing calls. For companies, it is a way of enhancing customer experience by lowering operating costs. And for customers, it is an easy way to get a query resolved in the easiest way possible.

These numbers are easy to remember, with most of them beginning in 1800 and 1860. Businesses and companies also provide 24/7 support to customers to offer streamlined communication. Get a toll-free solution call number which will be a more innovative, more accessible, and cheaper way for customers to reach out to you and vice-versa.

If your company wants to opt for a toll-free number, we have three plans you can choose based on your business needs. Knowlarity's basic plan begins at Rs 21,000 per year, followed by the advance plan of Rs 28,000 and the premium plan of Rs 46,000 per year. For more details about our toll-free solution plans, click here

How Do I Call on a Toll-Free Number?

You can call a toll-free number like you call on any other number. To know a particular company or business's toll-free number, you can visit their website or look it up on the Google + page. In India, toll-free numbers begin with the code 1800. The owner of the number pays for toll-free calls. However, you may be charged for a toll-free call if you do not have an unlimited minutes plan on your phone.

This may not be included in international calls due to the high costs incurred. In such a case, businesses overseas provide a local number that customers can easily reach. The caller generally has to pay for the call when international calls are not blocked. An exception is international toll-free freephone numbers, which often come with an additional country code where customers who have a freephone system can call and inquire.

To know more about Knowlarity's toll-free number services, you can email us at customersupport@knowlarity.com. Alternatively, for sales inquiries, you can call on 1800-1020-341. For any other support over the phone, you can reach out to us at 1800-419-3331.

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