What is an auto dialer system, and How do I set up an auto dialer?

Apr 19, 2022

A leading cloud communication service provider knows how to increase businesses' CX efficiency through voice, AI, messaging, and video features. Yes, if you are among those businesses who need all these smart technologies in your cloud telephony solutions. Get an auto dialer solution for your CX operations.

In these unparalleled emerging markets, an auto dialer solution helps businesses to grab a line of customers and help retain them successfully. In this blog, we are going to discuss what an automatic dialer is, how it works, how to set it up, and a brand mention that can help you with a demo and free trial.

What is an automatic dialer?

An auto dialer system is a software that helps agents improve their productivity with auto-dialer solutions for various CX operations. The automatic dialer is a cloud telephony solution that dial calls automatically in a given scenario.

These calls, when connected by the client or customer, redirect them to a pre-recorded message scripted by the company; in case there are no live agents to pick up the call. But when the agents are live and available, it gets transferred instantly to them for quick customer query addressal.

One such brand well-known globally for its progressive and predictive automatic dialer* system as a part of the outbound call centers is Knowlarity. But how does it work?

How does an automatic dialer work?

Knowlarity’s progressive dialers* have a built-in function that helps agents dial in automatically the next call from the list. This auto dialer system also helps count the agents working on a particular project.

This functionality can then shuffle the incoming calls to the live agents and as a result, call wait time gets reduced significantly. Hence, an improvement in overall productivity can be seen as the system then dial out the new customer set as per the agent availability only. All the campaign management is possible with these live features of an automatic dialer.

The call campaign management becomes easy to process as it helps determine the average time for each agent and their average speed of resolving a client/customer query. All the conversation-related details are saved for further client-agent interaction and eliminate the time to search for numbers and dial out the prospective lead or existing customer for various kinds of conversations.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to get an auto dialer solution and integrate it with your CRM systems. This can help you greatly in understanding the agent’s availability at the workplace, their attention, and an optimal count for call attempts plus waiting times.

Auto dialer system use cases

There are various use cases for integrating an autodialer with your CX operations. With cloud telephony, you can reach more leads and prospective buyers. As a result, you tend to get improved sales and generate more revenue.

Moreover, you can easily connect with your customers and understand your service quality through feedback and suggestions. Your customer feedback can help you in your product research and thereby improve and optimize areas that need immediate attention.

In addition to this, you can easily follow up with the defaulters who have somehow failed to submit the loan or revise the subscription to make your recoveries timely and make yourself financially sound.

Furthermore, you can also manage to call maximum people and retain them by telling them ahead about your possible service delays. This would help your company to maintain a healthy relationship with your live customers.

How to set up an auto dialer?

Knowlarity auto dialer services is a cloud telephony software solution. Get an auto dialer solution from them and leave it to the expert team for installing its setup. Get it done in a snap. Their team of experts can set up an auto dialer solution like a breeze. Here are the basic steps of the setup process.

Step 1: Add and manage your contacts

In this step, add/edit your contacts manually or import them using an Excel spreadsheet into the database. You can easily synchronize all details with the existing database.

Step 2: Identify the how, when and who

Through the setup, you can choose from whom you need to receive a message. Identify the best channel for communication. It can be text, voice, email, or video based on the client interaction or conversation requirements. You can send it instantly or schedule it for later deliveries.

Step 2: Get reports and feedback

Through an integrated system, you can easily know various reports and then perform data analysis for optimized quality reporting. Identify who got your message, when did they open it, engagement percentage, etc. Ask for feedback and continue supporting them in exchange for their responses.


A cloud telephony solution is almost required by every kind of business to provide the best customer experience. With better customer support, more trust can be gained through customer experience. Therefore, a majority of industry verticals are nowadays opting for cloud telephony. Knowlarity is one such name that is leading globally, providing cloud telephony solutions to multiple industry verticals and is recognized as the best auto dialer software in India.

If you are looking for an automatic dialer, check out Knowlarity cloud telephony services. It offers the best auto dialer systems with a trust of more than 6k+ businesses across 65+ countries. Furthermore, to get an automatic dialer, Knowlarity helps decide by offering a free trial along with a request for a demo.

Get an auto dialer solution from Knowlarity and enable your agent’s productivity with their smart platform cloud telephony solutions. Book your free demo today! Visit our website to know more or call our toll-free number 1800-1020-340. Alternatively, drop us an email at customersupport@knowlarity.com. Services are available in Dubai, UAE too. Contact here to know more.

Written By:  Aakanksha


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