What is IVR? Examples and benefits of IVR service

May 7, 2022

Admire having a growing business; considerably, an enhanced consumer base enriches the face value of the business. Having a growing business means a growing consumer base. It is critical to provide a human touch when phone traffic grows. To fulfil your growing consumer base, you will need a real answer.

Keeping a high call volume is a fantastic problem to have. With a little delegation, you can get a lot done. Throughout the article, we will be discussing the IVR service and the main fundamental concept of cloud telephone solutions that makes up the IVR.

What is IVR?

Interactive voice response (IVR) is a feature of cloud-based contact centres in many commercial phone systems.

IVR is a fantastic way to improve customer service. IVR calls, IVR systems, IVR service, and IVR solutions are all made easier with Route Mobile's IVR technology. You may organise campaigns, conduct surveys, set up appointment reminders, and generate informative reports with an Interactive Voice Response system. It is feasible to construct effective voice campaigns and increase user engagement with an IVR message. The cloud telephone concept ensures reduced human involvement and elevates the experience.

A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is used to create an IVR application, which allows a user with little to no technical knowledge to develop and install complex IVR trees in minutes.

Examples of IVR

To get an IVR solution, we must depict exactly how IVR works. The following example could be more relevant: When we contact a firm and hear "press 1 for English, press 2 for Hindi, press 0 to speak with our customer representative," we are talking to an IVR system.

Depending on our desires, our call is routed to an extension/call queue, or a voice message is played back to you.

IVR allows businesses to handle increased phone traffic while saving money and boosting customer satisfaction by decreasing or eliminating human involvement. The Cloud telephone service involved in IVR enables consumers to make calls from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection, removing the need for enterprises to invest in and maintain separate equipment.

Benefits of IVR

Using an IVR system that prioritises the client can benefit businesses. If you are generously thinking of having an IVR for your business, then consider the following benefits:

Cost-effective Alternative

The IVR system outperforms the competition in terms of cost-effectiveness. IVR is extremely cost-effective when compared to live chat and phone-based customer care. Allowing employees to focus on critical activities boosts staff productivity and client satisfaction.

Consumers' autonomy

If customer service is your top goal, IVR services should be part of your contact centre strategy. IVRs are popular with customers because they can contact the right person in under a minute and have total control over their experience.

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Service Efficiency:

Make it simple for customers to get information from the appropriate department. It increases the organisation within the departments and provides an easy roadmap for the consumers to reach their desired options.

Enhance Credibility

We can configure your IVR so that employees may contact several departments within our company, increasing client confidence. IVR is a typical method of offering clients self-service information. Even if a machine gives the experience, we may customise it.

The number of calls inbound

Instead of having enough call capacity to handle a few calls, all calls are directed to the IVR simultaneously. Customers are then sent to the proper department, freeing personnel to focus on call resolution.

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Why is IVR a must-have for businesses?

IVR can help with call management and tracking and project a professional image to clients.

In today's competitive business environment, providing a competent product at a reasonable price is no longer sufficient. Customer service must be on par with product quality.

IVR is ideal for on-the-go customers since it lets them contact assistance while remaining in the store. As a result, IVR service is crucial for growing sales since potential customers are more likely to purchase when their questions are swiftly answered.


Many commercial phone systems use interactive voice response (IVR) as a component of cloud-based contact centres. Businesses can handle increasing phone traffic using IVR while saving money and improving customer satisfaction. The cloud telephone idea assures less human interaction and improves the experience. In terms of cost-effectiveness, the IVR system exceeds the competitors. Customers on the go will like IVR since it allows them to call support while still in the store. Customers are then sent to the appropriate department, allowing staff to concentrate on call resolution.

To know more about having an IVR number for your business, click now or contact us through our toll-free number 1800-1020-340 or write to us at customersupport@knowlarity.com.

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